8 Ways to Propose to Your Beloved This Valentine’s Day

January 31, 2018

Many men use Valentine’s Day every year to propose to the Lady Love of their lives. Gone are the days when you had to bend down on your knees to propose to the one you wish to spend your life with. The following are some of the eight most romantic ways by which you can propose to your special one this 2018-

  1. Radio proposal – If your lady loves to listen to the radio while working or simply relaxing the best way to propose to her is through it. You may call up the radio station and request the proposal to be made when she listens to her favorite radio shows.
  2. Banners – You can plan a day out with your Lady Love and take her to a location where you have an attraction banner addressed to her with the magical proposal in front!
  3. Candlelight proposal – This is one of the most classic ways of proposing to your loved one. The candles can be lit at the dining table or the poolside. They never go wrong. You can spice up the event with soft music in the background to make the evening memorable for both of you to remember forever!
  4. Proposal on a T-shirt – You can propose to her with the magical words “I Love You” or “Marry Me” with a bunch of flowers. You can also get a gift as there are many websites where you can send Valentine’s Day gifts to India in case you wish to surprise her with a unique proposal.
  5. Propose in the sky – You can write your proposal in the sky. This might cost you a lot of money, but it is worth it for the woman that you love. Take her to the spot and watch her reaction when the words appear in the sky!
  6. Scavenger or treasure hunt – If both of you love adventure and wish to be together for life, go in for the proposal while doing a treasure or a scavenger hunt. This is fun, and of course, your lady will be overjoyed at the joyful climax you give her!
  7. Games – You may propose to your Lady Love during the interval of a game. It can be a live match or a simple board game that both of you play at home like Scrabbles!
  8. Airplane proposal – You may ask the flight attendant to propose your special one while both of you are flying to a special destination. She will blush with joy as the attention she gets and of course loads of congratulations afterward from everyone on the plane.

Therefore, this 2018 if you are thinking about unique ways to propose to your Lady Love, the above eight ways of proposing to her will surely make her say yes to you. Be confident and dress for the occasion. Mean the words you say and make her happy with a ring or even a small gift that you can order online. This day will always be engraved in her heart and your life forever!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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