Mastering the Art of Wedding Planning and Styling

February 5, 2018

Weddings are meant to show that the only happiness in life is to love and be loved. And as much as it is the responsibility of the couple to plan their special day, it is also the responsibility of the wedding planner to plan and style the whole event. That said, it is important for every wedding planner to master the art of wedding planning and styling.

This post describes in depth the art of wedding planning and is a good read for every wedding planner out there. If you are just getting into wedding planning, the post will also come in handy in guiding you in your career in future.

Before you can begin your career, you should know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Basically, understand what it is that wedding planners really do. That said, here is some important information about planning SA weddings that you need to know. Keep reading…

  • Wedding planning starts by drafting a master plan for the entire event–Weddings are quite expensive and without a good master plan, you mind end up spending more than expected. As a wedding planner, you will have the responsibility of creating a master plan for couples that you get to work with.


Your duties will range from finding a suitable wedding venue, hiring florists, and finding a wedding band to hiring the best photographers and videographers and so much more. In fact, for the event to be well planned, you will need to create a checklist, a schedule and of course the budget as per the client’s needs.


  • Wedding planning includes giving sound advice to the clients – Most couples are always overwhelmed by the idea of walking down the aisle and getting into holy matrimony. In most cases, the couples will not be able to make good decisions and it is then that you should jump in as a wedding planner and give your two cents.


  • Wedding planning includes getting in contact with vendors and suppliers – As the wedding day approaches, it is the responsibility of the wedding planner to get in touch with vendors and suppliers for the event. This is to ensure that everything is according to the plan and that every listed vendor is ready to deliver on time.

Wedding planning is easy and enjoyable as long as you understand your responsibilities. It is also one of the most competitive career paths anyone can ever take. So, it is important that you acquaint yourself with the wedding industry. Fortunately, using the information available online and on wedding magazines and similar publications, you will have everything you need.

In conclusion, every wedding is unique! Your next experience as a wedding planner will be entirely different from your last. This basically means that your responsibilities will vary depending on the type of wedding you are planning. Nevertheless, you should always remember that the primary duty of a wedding planner is to satisfy the needs of the clients and make their dream come true on that special occasion.



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