Your Step-By-Step Guide to Planning a Non-Traditional Wedding

December 7, 2022

Nobody wants to take a risk on their big day. Everyone desires a perfect movie-like wedding.

But that’s exactly what makes this dreamy event ordinary for a lot of couples. You get so caught up in perfecting it all and incorporating every single ongoing trend that you lose uniqueness. You end up with an event that’s a lot like everyone else. 

Plus, all the long hours of wedding preparation steal your enthusiasm and vigor for your very own big event.

So, in this post, we’ve come up with a step-by-step guide for non-traditional wedding events that’ll help you make your big day truly memorable, enjoyable, and unique. 

  1. Discuss it with your partner 

Before planning and executing anything at all, you need to ensure that you and your partner are on the same page. The best way to initiate the topic and know if they would approve of your idea is to ask them what they visualize of their wedding. Take a sneak peek into their visions and dreams. It will give you a good hint of whether there’s any possibility of a non-traditional wedding or not.

Some green signals include:

  • Desire to have a wedding that’s one-of-a-kind
  • Desire to have natural moments instead of planned moments
  • Desire to do something daring

Some red signals include:

  • Desire to have a specific type of typical wedding dresses
  • Desire to do the same as someone’s wedding

Depending on the type of hints you receive, phrase your question and express your desire for a non-traditional wedding. Note that your partner may disagree, and that’s alright. Both of you can work to find a type of wedding that fits both.

  1. Observe Family & Friends

Next to your partner, it is your family’s and close friends’ opinions that matter. They care for you, and you should pay due regard to their desires and wants. Certainly, they shouldn’t be making the final decision. But we recommend considering their say.

You can do so by casually asking them what wedding preparations they would like to help with or if they have any suggestions for your wedding venue. If they have any crazy or specific ideas, they’ll definitely voice them. But if their answers revolve around your choices, it’s a green light for you. You can execute your non-traditional wedding plan without hurting someone’s emotions!

  1. Settle for a non-traditional idea

Here comes the heart of this guide, i.e., choosing a non-traditional wedding idea. Ideally, this idea should come from you. Search deep inside yourself and determine what kind of a change you want. Do you want a change of environment or food? Do you want a change of audience or the weather? Do you want to look different?

Whatever sprouts in your mind, jot it down. You can compile and enhance the idea along the way. But if you have this urge to have a non-traditional wedding but have no idea how to make it unique, we recommend browsing these non-traditional wedding ceremony ideas. From underwater wedding ceremony ideas to the treehouse and picnic wedding ideas, it shares all possible non traditional wedding ceremony ideas.

  1. Make arrangements!

There are two types of fun non-traditional wedding ideas. The first type eliminates the preparation stage, and the second type brings about a more elaborate preparation stage. 

For example, if you’re opting for an elopement, you don’t need any preparations. Just reach the marriage court on time. Similarly, if you want to have a traditional wedding with a non-traditional edge, you’ll be making minor changes to the traditional wedding plan. For example, some people do not prefer being photographed. They might not hire a professional photographer to capture their moments. And that’s the non-traditional aspect of their wedding.

But if you’re going for a bigger fun idea like an underwater wedding ceremony, you might need to make the following preparations:

  • Learn swimming
  • Get in shape
  • Arrange scuba gear
  • Arrange an underwater photographer, etc.

However, some companies offer complete services for such events. You can find and book them to take care of all your needs, while you prepare for the big day mentally and emotionally.

Final Words

Summing up, the preparations for a non-traditional wedding are not physical. They are more of a mental and emotional effort. We hope our guide comes in handy for you and helps you execute your ideas neatly. If you’ve got any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below!

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