Useful Baby Stroller Tips And Tricks For First Time Mothers

February 7, 2018

Were you a physically active woman before the baby (or babies)? Would you spare some time off your busy schedule to take a walk in the evening? The fact that you have welcomed your bundle of joy does not mean that you no longer have to take your power walks during sundown. Mothers, your child is an important part of your life for sure, but this does not mean that you have to stay in the house all day, because you are scared of carrying the baby around.

Forget power walks; some mothers dread going to the grocery store or shopping malls just because they have a baby at home. Well, I am here today to tell you that you can still go for a jog, shopping malls, and anywhere else you want to go. All you need is to purchase a strong stroller for your baby and you are good to go.

The problem with buying baby strollers, however, is the fact that the market is flooded with all kinds of strollers. They come in all shapes and sizes and it is up to you to find one that will be perfect for your child; perfect in terms of size, comfort ability, durability, and safety. To ensure that the process is not overwhelming for you especially if it your first time stroller hunting, here are important things to look for when shopping for a baby stroller:

  • Safety Guarantee: your little angel deserves all the care and protection in the world. So, the first thing you should look for in a stroller is how firm the stroller frames are. You should also find out if the frames can lock firmly and unlock with ease. The firm locking will assure that the stroller will not collapse and the ease to unlock will on the other hand assure you that in case of anything, you can rescue the baby.

Also on safety, you should also look out for sharp edges or small protrusions just to be sure that the baby’s tiny hands and legs will not be pricked or bruised.

  • Strong And Durable Straps: harnesses are a much have in all baby strollers. In fact, if you come across a baby stroller without a harness, (please) ignore and keep looking. The safest strollers are designed with straps to hold the baby by the waist, the legs and the shoulders. And because it is important for you to securely strap the child in, be sure to test out the harnesses before purchasing a stroller. In addition to this, make sure that the harness hooks are easy to detach but still secure for the child.
  • Flexible Seats: stroller seats vary according to size, flexibility and comfort. However, most mothers don’t know that strollers with adjustable seats are the best choice especially if your child is not able to sit upright of his own. Basically, adjustable, flexible or reclining seats if you like are a great choice for babies of all ages.
  • Light In Weight Strollers: for you to maneuver though public spaces with ease, you should consider buying an umbrella stroller for your baby. Light weight strollers are convenient, easy to fold and will not take up too much storage space. So, if you are kind of the mother who is always on the go, then the umbrella stroller will be the perfect choice for your baby.

Moving on, shopping for the right stroller doesn’t necessarily mean that your baby will be over the moon with the idea of being strapped in. In fact, most children don’t like being strapped in a stroller. But because sometimes you have no option but to strap them in, it is important for mothers to know how they can keep their baby entertained and happy in a stroller.

So, to minimize the chances of your baby throwing tantrums while in the stroller;

  • Attach Some Dangling Toys: every child has a favorite toy. So, find the toy (or toys) that your baby loves and hang them in the stroller. Just ensure that they are within the baby’s reach.
  • Add Some Comfort Items In The Stroller: for example a neck pillow will be great for your child. Sometimes when the baby is uncomfortable, he or she may refuse to give in to strollers the next time you try to put them in one.
  • Bring Some Snacks And Drinks With You: we all know how disturbing kids can get especially when they are hungry. So, why not bring a snack, food or drink with you. This will keep the baby occupied while you run your errands and will keep his stomach full.


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