Popular Lipstick Shades That Look Awesome on Everyone

December 10, 2019

Lipstick is the perfect product to make you feel more put together, brighter and just happier! This product has been used by glamorous women far and wide for hundreds of years, and it’s a total staple for any makeup kit. Whether you’re wanting to add a bold pop of colour, a subtle hint of shine or you just want to feel like your look is a little more pulled together, a great tube of lipstick is absolutely the way to go. A few amazing shades that look awesome on everyone to consider adding to that kit of yours includes…

Blue Based Red

A bold blue-based red tone is just all kinds of perfect on every single skin tone, hair colour and face. The blue is an important part of this lipstick, you can find balanced reds, warm reds and blue reds. A blue tone is cooler but is actually is that classic red that you think of when you picture iconic makeup looks like Marilyn Monroe’s signature lip. A blue-tinged red brings out the white in your teeth and eyes, making you sparkle with a touch of old-world glamour.

Muted Plum

A shiny muted plum looks gorgeous on every person out there! This kind of colour is a favourite amongst the chicest, most classic aesthetics out there, and is perfect for adding a touch of colour to your everyday life. Wear this tone to work, to coffee mornings or, well, anywhere for a subtle enhancement that will leave you feeling like your best self.

Bright Coral

A pop of bright, cheerful coral adds a little fun to even the drabbest of outfits. A coral is a muted, cool neon that lifts your features and makes you truly stand out from the crowd. Wear this with a simple slick of mascara and a subtle swipe of bronzer and your makeup is well and truly done. This will elevate a white tee and jeans perfectly if you’re off to a formal event or you’re going out for a fun night on the town.

Sheeny, Balanced Nude

Everyone has a perfect nude, and it does take some work to get there – however, a well-balanced nude that’s not too peachy and not too beige (or dead) will look great on many, many faces. Of course, there is no one definition of nude, and the colour depth or saturation will depend on your unique skin tone. Look for a balanced, shimmering, sheeny nude for a natural enhancement to your day-to-day makeup look.

Deep Wine

A rich, dark wine or burgundy tone is the ultimate vampy shade, perfect for a night out on the town! This looks fabulous on all skin tones – literally, everyone looks like a glamorous, classic beauty in this colour. Look for a creamy formula or go for a liquid lipstick to make sure it’s not going anywhere when you’re busy drinking, dancing and chatting away.

Warm Matte Brown

A warm, matte brown is just the epitome of class, and this shade looks flawless on all beauties out there. Brown has been very on-trend as of late, with the return of the 90s came the return of the muted brown lip. However, try to stick to a warm shade, regardless of whether you have cool-toned skin, this looks more gentle and is just all-around more wearable. The matte formula will keep you looking fashion-forward, not to worry!

You really can’t go wrong with any of these lipsticks – they’re all out of this world gorgeous!

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