Decorating An Amazing Man Cave

February 9, 2018

Over the past 20 years, an ever-increasing number of men are adding man caves to their residences. If you have decided that you would like a terrific man cave in your home, you may be puzzling over what you should and should not do to create the space. You may be going back and forth as to how you should decorate your man cave. Understanding that reality, there some decorating ideas that you will want to keep in mind for your man cave:

Add A Pinball Machine To Your Man Cave

A decorating idea that you will want to consider when working on your man cave is the addition of a pinball machine. In fact, a pinball machine has the possibility of adding two major elements to your man cave. First, a pinball machine is an entertainment that you and guests can enjoy playing. Second, a pinball machine can be an interesting addition to the décor of your man cave.

When it comes to finding a pinball machine for your man cave, you have a variety of resources that you should consider. Of course, as with so much in this day and age, the internet is a solid avenue through which you can find a pinball machine that meets the vision you have for your man cave.

You might also want to visit a neighborhood bar of tavern if you are searching for something in the way of a vintage or collectable pinball machine. The reality is that many bars and taverns have pinball machines stored away that they have not had on their floors for some time. Oftentimes, the owners of these establishments will be eager to part with an unused pinball machine for a reasonable price.

Antique shops and estate auctions are other possible locations from which you might be able to find an interesting pinball machine for your man cave. You might be able to find a pinball machine from any number of different eras through one or another of these options.

A Peak At The History Of Pinball

When it comes to adding a pinball machine to your man cave, having a bit of history about pinball machines might lend guidance to you about decorating your space overall. One piece of pinball history that you may not be aware of is that pinball was outlawed throughout much of the United States for several decades.

For example, in New York City, Mayor LaGuardia made enforcing the pinball ban a major priority of his administration. Because of these efforts, pinball machines went somewhat underground. People could access pinball machines in private clubs and venues quite like speakeasies.

You could draw on this history of pinball to turn your man cave into something of your own private speakeasy, or truly exclusive space — something hidden away for you and your special guests. You can round up a considerable amount of memorabilia to decorate your man cave along this type of theme.

Man Cave Lighting

When it comes to decorating your man cave, you will also want to pay attention to lighting, especially with there being plenty of cool stuff available online. Man caves oftentimes end up in some fairly extraneous parts of a residence. They are often in basements. Indeed, a man cave may be the first or only part of a basement that gets finished. A man cave may arise from a garage.

The reality is that a man cave many times is in a space in which there is only very basic lighting. One step that you can take to improve the lightening scheme in your man cave is to add floor and table lamps. By taking this course, you do not have to expend a good deal of money to rewire the space and install different overhead lighting.

Man Cave Flooring

You need to consider flooring for your man cave that will be easy to maintain and not readily damaged. If your man cave will be used like most are, things will spill on the floor. You want a surface that will be easy to wipe up.

You most definitely do not want to install flooring in your man cave that requires a tremendous amount of care. You will want a floor for your man cave that requires only nominal upkeep.

Wall Hangings

You can take any course you desire when it comes to selecting wall hangings for your man cave. A solid course to take is to add an eclectic mix of items to your walls. This can include everything from photos to sports memorabilia and really anything else in between.

Jessica Kane is a writer for The Pinball Company, the best online source for new, used, and refurbished pinball machines, arcade cabinets, and more.

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