Eleven Traveling Southeast Asia Tips You Need To Know

February 12, 2018

If you are looking forward to planning your debut trip to South East Asia, you must book it immediately, because you are surely going to have the time of your life. South East Asia is surrounded by some of the most beautiful places to ever encounter. The intricate temples, the street food, the local wildlife — everything is worth your time. But before you are off on your trip, here are eleven traveling tips that you must be aware of:

  1. It Is A Cash Economy

The first and foremost thing that you must know before traveling to South East Asia is that the entire region is a cash economy. Hence, the locals there would expect you to pay in cash. Moreover, if payment by credit card is accepted at your tour or hotel, you will be charged a total of 3%. Thus, it is always comfortable to carry cash to avoid further discrepancies.

  1. A Home To Humidity

Whether you are on Vietnam amazing tours or touring any other country of South East Asia, you will always be drenched in sweat wherever you go. To avoid this, pack light cotton apparels that are easy to wear and wash.

  1. Change Your Money Prior To Leaving A Country

Some of the currencies of the countries in the region are considered to be quite weak, because of this their money could be difficult to exchange. Thus, the trick is to get all your leftover currency changed into US Dollars.

  1. Insect Repellent Is A Must

Most of the regions of South East Asia are coastal parts and therefore they are home to a number of mosquitoes. Not only this, some parts of the continent have malaria as the common disease. Thus, it is always safe to carry an insect repellent to get rid of not only the mosquitoes, but other insects as well.

  1. Torrential Downpours In The Wet Season

Drenching from head to toe, especially in the region of Indonesia is something that happens to every tourist in the continent. Thus, you must carry a rain jacket or a waterproof backpack cover to protect yourself and the camera.

  1. Do Not Drink The Tap Water

If you wish to tour South East Asia in a good health, you must make sure to avoid drinking the tap water. You can buy bottled water with a plastic seal, as it is easily available.

  1. Learn How To Barter

Bartering could be very much expected in all the markets throughout the continent. Thus, do not shy away from bartering and bargaining over the price. All you are required to do is to ask for the best price from the vendor and further start haggling.

  1. TukTuks And Motorbike Taxis Are A Great Mode Of Transport

Make tuktuks your best friend if you need to travel only a few kilometers down the road. The best thing about this mode of transport is that it is very nominal. Plus, you can negotiate as much as you want. You can also hire a motorbike taxi, even if you are carrying a lot of luggage. However, you must not expect a helmet culture here.

  1. Chaotic Traffic

South East Asia is full of chaotic traffic. Vietnam and Indonesia are considered to be the most hectic places as far as traffic is concerned. Thus, you must learn to weave through the traffic. The motorbikes here do not follow a lot of the traffic rules.

  1. Beware Of The Scary Monkeys

Monkeys are often cute animals and are fun to play with. However, the monkeys of this continent surely make a difference. These monkeys are not cute, but scary and vicious. So, you must not eat food or take out any piece of food from your bag if you are surrounded by the wild monkeys. There are chances they could turn aggressive and steal your food.

  1. A Home To The Friendliest Locals

The best thing about traveling to South East Asia is that you will find the friendliest local crowds there. The locals are normally very happy to help. They are also keen on talking to the foreigners visiting.


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