Ten Major Vacation Cities In A Snapshot

February 12, 2018

You know you have made the right vacation choice when you cannot keep your camera in your pocket for more than five minutes. The richest holiday experiences are those that keeping hitting you with inspiration after inspiration; when you have one eye on your framing and the other on the kids — who also just want to touch, taste, and see everything!

Of course, it means trouble when you get back home: phones and memory cards make for epic snapshot repositories. Gone are the days when you would return from even the most picturesque vacation with no more than two or three rolls of 12, 24, or 36 pictures from your analogue camera. Editing your snaps for Facebook or to choose a few to print can be a weekend’s work!

However, it is all worth it. Taking pictures can help you to look at a place more closely and to remember the details that might otherwise have faded.

The folks at The Big Domain have come up with an interesting alternative to that flood of images: multiple-exposure photographs that attempt to capture the flavor of a city in a photographic instant. Check them out: maybe they will inspire a new artistic approach on your next city break?

New York City (USA)

There are eight million stories in the Big Apple — how are you supposed to simmer them down to a single picture? A yellow cab, the Times Square lights, and a bit of Greenwich Village boho makes for a good start.

Istanbul (Turkey)

Istanbul is the meeting place of Europe and Asia, which makes it a veritable cauldron of diversity. From the Byzantine-influenced architecture to the bustle of the bazaar, you will never be short of new shapes and colors to astound you. Perhaps you need a movie camera for this city?

Tokyo (Japan)

The home of Nikon and Canon is a cutting-edge place to be for an enthusiastic photographer. Capture just the iconic business districts and you will only have half a picture; you do not have to travel far to find Tokyo’s more tranquil spots.

Moscow (Russia)

Our parents and grandparents may not have had the opportunity to visit Moscow, but it is opening up for new generations. There is a whole cityscape out there that remains unfamiliar to western eyes.

Mexico City (Mexico)

You will immediately notice the warm tones of Mexico City and it is a color that is reflected in the spirit of the people. The city is fast-paced, though, you might want to take your Polaroid with you just so you have an excuse to slow down and wait.

Cairo (Egypt)

Ancient history and contemporary culture make for an exotic blend in Egypt’s capital. And it is not just the look of the place; you might want to use your iPhone’s Voice Memo app to record the famous call to prayer.

Hong Kong (China)

There is a lot going on in Hong Kong. If the streets and shopping centers become overwhelming, it can be a lot more relaxing and just as inspiring to take the city by double-decker tram.

Sydney (Australia)

From Bondi Beach to the iconic Opera House, Sydney’s has it all and you will want to adjust your camera aperture since you will be seeing it all through a new pair of shades.

Delhi (India)

Little can make a traveler more jealous than seeing a friend’s pictures of India pop up on social media. Dehli is just about the fullest travel experience you can have and as a keen photographer, that is twice the case.

London (England)

We have all seen the clichés of London celebrated in movies from the Swingin’ Sixties and countless montage sequences on TV. With your camera in hand, you will discover a new London beyond the pomp and tradition of British history and a fresh sightseeing-spot on every corner. Better clear that memory card before you go.


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