Interesting Facts about Using Synthetic Urine

February 21, 2018

Synthetic urine refers to an artificially manufactured substance that contains a combination of water with inorganic and organic components. These components include sulfates, chlorides, phosphates, urea, creatinine and uric acid.


The mixture is usually used for laboratory purposes by but it can also be utilized in other areas. Since it provides an accurate simulation of the physical characteristics and chemical properties of human urine, it offers numerous benefits. Due to the absence of waste, synthetic urine can be effectively used when real urine is not suitable because of sanitation and the risk of infectious diseases.

Along with this advantage, synthetic urine features an extensive shelf life that is essential for transportation and storage. These are some of the factors that have contributed to the ongoing popularity of the substance and its usage in different areas.

Regulating Urine Testing Equipment 

Synthetic urine serves the primary purpose of helping to calibrate different equipment that is used to test urine. Human urine is not ideal for this due to its inconsistent composition that results form various factors. Artificial is made up of a constant formula that is crucial for laboratories that perform urinalysis.

Science and Research

Artificial urine is often used for a variety of scientific reasons that range from developing new urine tests to preparing for missions in outer space. Scientists use synthetic urine for different developments and studies.

Medical Training

Synthetic urine is used by medical students during training to conduct clinical experiments and urinalysis tests. Clinical educational laboratories rely on urine that has been artificially created for experiments and tests. Buy synthetic urine online.

Alternative Medicine

Although not typically recommended for internal consumption, people who are not comfortable with using real urine for therapeutic reasons in alternative medicine or various cosmetic products, artificial urine is an alternative that can be considered. It can be used as a substitute for human urine since it contains a similar chemical composition.

Diaper Testing

Another common application for synthetic urine products is the diaper industry. Manufacturers commonly use it to test their products.

Testing Cleaning Products

Salesmen and marketers use artificial urine to demonstrate how effective certain cleaning agents are on furniture and carpets. This is an effective way to showcase how the cleaning products get rid of urine odors and stains.

Pranks and Games

For people who enjoy playing pranks, synthetic urine is used to set up jokes like wetting clothes and beds. Since the urine is not actually real, this is certainly a less offensive way to play these types of pranks.

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