Fabulous Gift Ideas For Loving Godmothers

February 21, 2018

One of the most underappreciated members of a family are the godparents. They do a lot for those they are charged to be a second parent to, and this often goes unrecognized. However, for those who want to make sure that their godmother, in particular, never feels overlooked, there is a variety of touching purpink gifts for her that can be given on any occasion.

Personal gifts are among the most intimate ways a person can express their affection for someone. Not only are they items that cannot be sold anywhere else, but it shows the amount of attention that was put into it. That it was not just purchased all willy-nilly, but with a purpose and with extreme thought.

Keepsake Box

A keepsake box is one of the best godmother gifts you could think of. It not only allows for touching personal messages, but it is also quite practical. Godmothers can place items that they believe are worth saving within the box, either about that godchild or perhaps some other personal items. It is not just a pretty thing to sit around and collect dust, but it can be used.

Family Quilt

Quilts have a long history that spans centuries. They were used as symbols of status and to document history or tell stories. Family quilts are essentially how they sound. Family member’s names are sewed onto the quilt, and it is passed down from generation to generation, names being added as they come. Including the godmother’s name, even if in her own branch or section, can go a long way to say how important she is to the core family. Even making her own family quilt is a viable option, one that she can pass down as well. Whether used or hung up as a decoration, the family quilt is a beautiful message of inclusivity and love.

Poster Of Baby’s Artwork

This is an idea that is best done while the godchild is still young, but it can really be offered at any age. Having the godchild write a small message to their godmother thanking them for their guidance and care or even just telling them how much they love them or a fond memory they had, and then including a footprint or handprint or small picture can be turned into a beautiful gift. If it is turned into a poster, it can be displayed proudly within the godmother’s home. Especially if done when the godchild is young, this poster can be a reminder to all who sees it of the precious, innocent, years of youth.

Growing With Love 

A plant may seem a little lackluster for godmother gifts, but including a message from the godchild thanking for her efforts in helping the child grow makes the connection between plant and child. Having the godchild help the godmother take care of the plant over the years is an activity they can use as an excuse to spend some quality time together throughout the years. If started early enough, this can forge a habit and become a way for them to bond for years to come. As the plant grows, it will become a physical symbol of their own growing and strengthening love for one another.

Magical Fairy Wand Cake Pops

Let us be honest, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to a godmother is a fairy godmother. One of the other godmother gifts that are no less fun is a wand — a fairy godmother wand. Having the godchild, especially one young enough to believe in fairies still, present the wand to the godmother can be an endearing experience. It could even spark a tradition and be passed down from godmother to godmother, each one adding a charm to the wand as a message for future godmothers to come.

Share The Love

These gift ideas are only just a few that can express a family’s deep love and appreciation for their godmother. At the end of the day, even just giving her time and inclusion into the family’s activities and allowing her to share those experiences and adventures will forge a tight bond between those family members of blood and those who are just a bit more special. Share and appreciate.

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