Do Not Make Waves: Make Your Home Flood Resistant

February 21, 2018

It is a very real concern now. While you might consider your family’s health from a physical respect, you need to consider the mental one also, namely, the anxieties of living in an area that is prone to natural disaster. It seems as though, that with the impacts of climate change, we are seeing the results directly in our weather system. If you live in a house that is in an area that is at risk of flooding, you need to do your utmost to keep yourself protected. Mainly, you need to flood-proof your house. But what are the steps involved and how can you do this?

Undertake A Thorough Inspection

Of course, first things first, you need to evaluate how much of risky the area is. You could go on the website of the National Flood Insurance Program and get some basic information on flood insurance rates, specific flood zones, and what areas are high risk. In addition to this, look at your home, and see if there are glaring problems, such as structural issues, or anything that lurks beneath the surface.

Have Help On Speed Dial

If you are living in area that is prone to flooding, then it is beneficial for you to have the appropriate help as and when you need it. Water damage and water loss is a very common issue and you can get information on water losses through restoration company websites. Water damage and water loss can cause irreparable destruction to your property, which leads nicely on to the next point.

Get Flood Insurance

If you live anywhere that are prone to floods, insurance is an essential. Be careful when shopping around for insurance policies, because the small print may preclude you from certain claims. And even if you don’t live in a flood risk area, you may think that you don’t need to take out flood insurance, but 25% of all flood claims come from outside these risk areas.

Look At Your Landscaping

The landscape around the exterior of your house could cause you problems and help water to leak into your house quicker. If you dig depressions, known as swales, outside your house, to help any flood water runoff, this will minimize damage to your home. In addition to this, putting a rain barrel beneath a gutter downspout will limit basement flooding.

Should You Live In An Area Prone To Flooding?

Really, it begs the question, if you have a house that’s in an area that’s so high risk, is it even worth you living there? We all purchase houses within our budgetary requirements, but the problems in a flood risk area could mean you are paying out much more money on repairs every year. Not just this, but the insurance policy costs would rise with every passing year, and there could be a point when you cannot afford the upkeep on your house anymore.

Making your home flood-proof is a necessity, but you have to weigh this up in relation to the costs of looking after your home.

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