A Guide To Making Your New House Feel Like Home

March 8, 2022

Moving into a new house can be exciting! It is usually a fresh start and offers the opportunity to make it the way you want. After all, this is your new home. And when you live in your own space, you can do what you want with it. But walking into an empty room can be scary — especially when it seems unfamiliar. 

So, if you are looking for ways to make your new place feel cozy and inviting, here are some tips that might help.

What To Do When You First Walk-In

The first thing you want to do is walk around and look at what is in the space. This will give you a good idea of what needs to be done.

Next, think about what it is that makes your favorite places feel cozy or inviting. Is it the color of the walls? The layout of the furniture? Try to pinpoint which things you love most, and then use those elements to create your new space.

Coming up with a plan will make everything feel less overwhelming — promise! You can start by deciding on one room per day. Maybe you spend most of your time in the living room, so this is where you will start making changes. Once that room feels comfy, move on to something different, like the bathroom or bedroom.

What To Do Before You Move In

You will need to do some things before you move in to get your house ready. You might not think it is necessary, but preparing can make the transition easier. 

For example, cleaning your new house and painting are two must-dos. You will also want to get a few racks of clothing and any other essential items you need for your home. And when you are finally moved in, unpack immediately, so you are not living in boxes or piles of clothes on the floor.

The Importance Of Plants And Décor

The truth is, you cannot really make your new house feel like home without adding personal touches. Some of the best ways to do this are with plants and décor. Plants help because they bring in the fresh air and add a bit of life to the room. You can find just about any plant you could imagine at your local nursery, and what is more, they are not expensive! They are also easy to care for and last for a long time.

And as for décor, it is another way to make your place feel like home. Décor is more than just putting up pictures or wall hangings on the wall — it is about selecting colors that make you happy, hanging up quotes that inspire you, or finding pieces that speak to you. You can find inspiration by browsing Pinterest or Instagram. Do not be afraid to get creative with the space and use it unexpectedly. And soften up the place with some soft furnishings like oriental area rugs. It will make all the difference. 

What To Do After You Have Moved In

If you are creating your dream home from scratch, there will be a long and seemingly endless to-do list. But stick to doing these four things as a priority, and you will soon have a house that feels like a home.

  1. Identify The Style Of Your New Home

It is been said already, but it is worth saying again. One of the first things to do is take a tour around your new place. Notice the layout, the colors and materials used, and what furniture is there. Once you have done this, you will be able to better plan how you want your house to look.

  1. Get Rid Of What You Do Not Need

Once you have taken a tour of your home, it is time to get rid of anything that does not suit your style or needs. Whether that means donating any items that do not fit in with your vision for the room or just tossing some furniture that feels too big for the space — do what feels best to you! 

And remember, if you are not sure about whether something belongs or not, it is always a good idea to ask yourself why it is there. If it does not seem like it belongs in the space or in your life anymore, then go ahead and let it go.

  1. Decorate With Familiar Items

Another point worth saying again, when decorating, start with things that bring back memories. Pictures from trips taken together as a family; an old blanket with sentimental value; favorite books from childhood; old records from high school… anything that brings back memories when seen can make a house feel more like home!

  1. Invite Family And Friends Over

The best way to make your house feel like a home, get family and friends around. It will help you settle in more than any decorating tip will. 

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