Easy Ways To Add House Value Within Just A Week

March 8, 2022

Do you sometimes worry that your house is losing value? After all it is only natural that a property becomes less and less worth what you paid for it over time, but how much value has your home lost exactly? And now you have only got a limited budget and schedule to add some of that value back and maybe even pile a little more on top!

But do not worry, we can work with this! There are many ways to increase the value of your home, and some of them can even be accomplished within a week, and sometimes even a weekend! So with that in mind, here are four easy ways to add some house value in 7 days. 

Remove a wall or two

Adding in an open plan element to your home is a great way to easily and quickly add some value to it. People love being able to move from the living room to the kitchen without any trouble, and if you have an attached dining room somewhere, it certainly deserves to be seen! After all, you can add roughly 20% of your home’s original sale value to the current price by having a combined kitchen-diner alone. 

Repaint the exterior

Repainting the exterior of your home is a great way to give it an instant facelift! And if you have a spare weekend on your house and the number of some nearby house painters, you can have a brand-new-looking home in a matter of 48 hours. If not you still have 5 more days to cover the ground and second story, so get your hands on some ladders, durable brushes, and be sure to buy paint depending on the surface. 

Fit lights in the backyard

Lighting up the backyard might seem like a simple, little thing, but that is what we like here! And when you have already got a deck or a patio out there, making sure people can see where they are going is a big win for the housing market. Lining the deck railings, or lining the pathway to and from the back of the garden can add an extra 5% value to your home at the very least. And lights do not take very long to hammer into the ground or string up, so even just a weekend is long enough for this project. 

Section off an ensuite

How big is the master bedroom in your home? Because if there is a spare corner that is not really doing anything right now, you could convert it into an ensuite. This can earn you big money in the long run as everyone loves an extra bathroom, and when it is an ensuite they snap the deal up even faster! Between 5 and 10% extra value can be found here, and if the bathroom is kept small, a week is all you need to get the job done. 

If you want to add some quick and easy value to your home, make sure you keep these ideas in mind. 

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