Guidelines For Practicing Vipassana Technique

March 8, 2022


Did you know that you can learn a lot about vipassana meditation online? Vipassana meditation can only bring a change in your life if you practice it daily. Routine is important. If you do something on a routine basis, you’re definitely going to make it. Plus, you also have the option of visiting vipassana meditation retreat. You can learn a lot in 10 days itself. Given below is an outline that you must know before practicing it.

In daily life, you need to follow five precepts.

  • The first one says to abstain from killing any living being.
  • The second says that to abstain from stealing, theft and robbery.
  • The third one says to abstain from all the types of sexual misconduct.
  • The fourth one denotes abstaining from the wrong and vulgar speech.
  • The fifth one focuses on abstaining from all the intoxicants like drugs, alcohol, etc.


Minimum Requirements For Vipassana Meditation

To maintain your practice, you need to practice daily for one hour. It should be one hour in the evening and morning both.

The time should be five minutes before sleeping and five minutes after waking up.

It’s important to sit with other meditators to share their amount of energy.

The ten-day course in a vipassana retreat can help you learn a lot. Or you can go for a self-course once a year.

There can be other free times for meditation.

How To Meditate Daily – Vipassana Meditation Tips

Practice vipassana if your mind is dull or anxious. If it’s very tough for you to feel sensations or difficult to react, then this is it. That’s one of the best things for you to practice. Vipassana can relieve your stress. You can begin with Anapana and then switch to Vipassana. All you need to do is continue observing your breath for an hour. Keep the attention on the area below the nostrils and above the upper lip. Remain aware of every breath as it leaves and enters your system. The breathing must be natural. If the mind is dull or agitated, breathe deliberately. Make it one breath at a time.

Vipassana meditation can be practiced systematically from head to toe. Observe everything in order and you’re good to go. Observe everything objectively.  Remain equanimous whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant. Keep your attention moving. Never stay anywhere for more than one minute. Don’t allow your practice to turn mechanical. Try to be in the present.

At the end, the only focus should be on relaxing and being in the present.

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