What Is The Key Difference Between Laminate And Vinyl Flooring?

March 9, 2022

‘What flooring would look good in my kitchen?’

‘Which would be better in the long run – vinyl or laminate?’

‘Which is cost-effective and long-lasting?’

Every new home-builder is plagued by such questions when they begin constructing their dream house. They say you only build a house once in a lifetime, twice if you are lucky. It is only natural to be nervous and overthink our choice of materials and finishing. If you have been pondering over what flooring would be best for your home, you have come to the right place. However, to find the answer, we must gain a deeper understanding of these two types of flooring. A consultation with Allfloors Trade Centre – flooring company maidstone can help you take the right decision.


Today, laminates are one of the most commonly used flooring solutions. At a microscopic level, they are constituted of four separate layers, namely – wear, decor, core, and backer. A different material is used at each level, including foam at the base or backer. Pressing and sealing these materials together results in laminates. Modern designs and increased resilience in recent times have enhanced the use of laminates in the kitchen and bathroom to a luxury flooring option.

Based on their finish, here are six types of laminates that are commonly available:

  • Matte Finish Laminates: have moderate shine and are more scratch-resistant.
  • Textured Laminates: are designed to look like surfaces made from leather or stone.
  • Glossy Finish Laminates: they have a mirror-like shine which makes their maintenance challenging in the long run.
  • Metallic Laminates: these are available in metallic colors that give the surface a burnished look.
  • PVC Laminates: these are the best laminates for bathroom floors with properties like high-moisture resistance and waterproof surface.
  • Acrylic Finish Laminates: they are similar to the glossy finish, but they are more scratch-resistant, and their colors don’t fade on exposure to UV rays.

Vinyl Flooring

Also known as PVC vinyl flooring or resilient flooring, it is a flooring product composed of several layers of synthetic material pressed together. The layers are composed of natural polymer materials. Vinyl is also considered highly durable, lasting five to twenty-five years, depending on the material and built quality. Its waterproof feature comes primarily from its composition of PVC. Vinyl flooring for the living room is most common and easy to install.Vinyl flooring is of two types:

  • Vinyl Flooring Tiles (LVT): they are designed to look like natural flooring options, much like ceramic tiles. Vinyl tiles employ a core layer of PVC, a printed upper layer for design, and a reinforced polyurethane layer. Additionally, it is available in various rigid or flexible planks.
  • Vinyl Roll Or Vinyl Sheet: they are constructed of single, large, flexible sheets, usually 6 to 12 feet. Sheets are completely impermeable to water, unlike vinyl flooring tiles and planks.

Now, to get back to our question, which one is better? Laminate or vinyl flooring? You can make your choice based on these factors below.

  1. Budget: vinyl flooring can be a bit more expensive than laminates but is one of the best floorings for house.
  2. Life Span: vinyl flooring has a longer life span and is easier to maintain.
  3. Appearance And Style: laminate is better with more designs and textures to explore.
  4. Durability: laminate is thick, and its composition includes actual wood, making it slightly softer and warmer. Vinyl floors are composed of 100% synthetic material.

To conclude, if your priority is appearance and a better classy feel, then you should go with laminate. But if you prioritize durability, vinyl flooring might be a better flooring solution. In either case, both the materials are highly competitive and worth every penny you spend.

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