Choosing The Best Flooring For Your Midwest Homes

January 27, 2021

Creating attractive homes does not only rely on beautiful facades or luxury furniture. Have you looked on your floors lately? Most of the time, the basic foundations are the most neglected. Do not let this happen to your own property. 

Give the floors proper care and attention. What is vital is to provide them the right solution. A polishing, recoloring, or epoxy floor coatings St. Louis can turn the floors around. Making them a beautiful piece in every property.

If you want to translate a true-blue Midwestern or a laid-back Southern lifestyle in your interiors, start with the floors. Learn how to choose the right flooring to match a personal style in today’s article!

Factors When Choosing The Best Flooring

  • What the floors are for?

Knowing what you want and setting your own requirements is where your project will start. Are you not glad that you took a look at the grey steps under your feet? Making this your project now reinforce you to look at every corner of your homes. 

Now, look at your kitchens, bathroom, living room, and concrete patios. Do any of them need a make-over? Do you need to add slip-resistance to one of the spaces? Or, you need to upgrade old wooden floorings in your private rooms to make them more friendly to children, as well as your pets, if you have one. 

The flooring requirement is a crucial factor. Scale your spaces and see what needs some tuning up. For long spacious hallways, elegant stained concrete floors, St Louis will quickly transform them. For floors that need quick-cure and water-repelling, laminate or resin-floors will provide you the best solution.

  • What theme or motif are you looking for?

Not everyone is a fan of bold, loud patterns. Taking things over the top is a big turn-off sometimes. A popular, rather discreet sense of style is translated to a Midwest vibe. Midwest will look simple, casual, and sophisticated. 

Designing your floors effortlessly will exude simple elegance. Neat, polished-looking floors are top-notch to every homeowners’ standards. Know what are the basic pattern that will coincide with this concept.

  • What is the area size?

Of course, you need the basic information about the floor’s area? If you get to realize how vast space needs transformation, you might want to get concrete resurfacing. Compared to the initial cover-up that others will require, a tiny area can be covered up with laminate floorings. 

If you got tiled flooring, then a quick replacement of the damaged piece will fix it. But what if this is often happening? Then, opting for a flooring replacement is what you should choose. A sturdy concrete will be the best flooring choice for your sophisticated Midwest styled homes. 

Types of flooring and their best benefits:

  • Wood Flooring. Wooden floors are one of the best choices for creating stylish and sophisticated, modern spaces. These are some of the toughest, too. 
  • Vinyl Flooring. Loose lay plank vinyl flooring are amazing innovations. These materials can mimic other patterns of wood, seamless concrete floor, plain clean surfaces, or even marbled patterns. Chic designs are also available. These are the ones that got variants of designs and customizations.
  • Engineered Wood Floors. These are substitutes for solid floorings. For your homes that need warmth during cold months, this is the option for you. 
  • Concrete Floors. No other material can match all mentioned above. Concrete is suitable for any season. 

It can find a home in cold and warm climates. There are also types of concrete resurfacing to match whatever requirement you have. 

Have a preview of decorative applications below:

  • Epoxy floors. Applying epoxy coatings will improve the concrete surfaces’ slip and chemical resistance. This is perfect for the garage.
  • Stained Concrete. Simple stunning concrete floors are easily achieved with stains.
  • Stamped Concrete. Durability and design possibility is what concrete stamped floors St Louis can achieve for you. If you need overlaying old slabs or new ones, this method provides the best solution. 


Midwest is high-end because it uses a straightforward, natural look. A beautiful aesthetic does not need to be expensive. Whatever theme you want in your homes, the key is to set your requirements on point. Do not hesitate to ask for the pros, too. Seamless floors will be right under your feet if you work your vision with skilled experts in the industry.

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