Useful Tips For Choosing A Mattress Height

January 27, 2021

The right mattress is not only a guarantee of a comfortable sleep. Convenience is only one of the points that can be listed in this case. Moreover, when it comes to choosing, several indicators are taken into account at once. The height of the mattress is one of the main criteria.

What effect does this parameter have? Are there any standards for the height of a mattress for a bed? What should you pay attention to when choosing? You will find answers to each of these questions in this article. The information has been prepared by the sleepshopinc specialists, who can always be contacted for help in selecting the optimal thickness for an orthopedic mattress.

What does the mattress height affect?

Let us start by looking at the effect of mattress thickness. Based on observations and research carried out by experts in different industries, the following indicators were identified, which directly depend on the height of the mattress:

Comfort: This criterion is mainly relevant for spring products. Insufficient thickness of the filler located above the spring block will negatively affect the comfort of the sleeper. As practice has shown, the optimal indicator of the thickness of the mattress in terms of comfort is the height of the spring plus 4-5 cm.

Maximum load: An adult of normal weight will quickly push through a very thin mattress. Especially for soft items. Therefore, according to this indicator, it is better to stop the choice on springless mattresses. If the spring model is preferred, it is recommended to select products with solid fillers (holcon, coconut coir).

Wear resistance: Here, the height of the bed mattress is closely interrelated with the ability to periodically turn it over. Double-sided models are more durable than single-sided counterparts. Naturally, with the same thickness of mattresses, the double-sided version is preferred in terms of resistance to wear.

Orthopedic properties: If this indicator plays the main role in the choice, you should focus on the average mattress height like nolah mattresses. Thin mattress will not be able to provide an anatomical position of the body during sleep. At the same time, a mattress that is too thick means a loss of feeling of the lower layers of the filler but nolah mattress will give you full comfort than other mattress, read the whole review before buying. 

The list above is for general metrics: To add accuracy to them, we present the existing standards for the height of mattresses, typical for the most common types of such products. The classification is based on several indicators at once. The main ones are the person’s age and the type of mattress design. According to these criteria, the optimal mattress thickness indicators are as follows:

  • Spring children – from 10 to 15 cm;
  • Springless children – from 5 to 10 cm;
  • Spring adults – from 18 to 25 cm;
  • Springless adults – from 15 to 20 cm;
  • Special models can reach a height of 45-60 cm.

For each of the listed items, the minimum indicator is determined by a thin mattress, and the maximum is determined by a thick one. Accordingly, the average determines the average height of the mattress. A separate standard is set for the thinnest sofa items. Here the mattress height range is only 2-10 cm.

Choosing a mattress by thickness.

In the final part of the article, we will provide some important recommendations. They give the answer to the question of how to choose the right mattress in height. Here we advise you to do the following simple operations:

The usual measurement on an old mattress. To select in this way, it is necessary to measure the previously used product. The old mattress is placed on the floor, and a ruler or flat bar must be placed on it. The distance from the floor to this plank will be the required thickness. This method will not be effective if the old mattress is badly deformed.

The choice is based on the height of the sleeper. The optimal height of the mattress laid on the bed is the correspondence of its upper side to the height of the sleeper’s knees. For more confidence, it is recommended to sit on the product. The best option is a 90° angle at the knee joint.

Selection by deepening in the bed (relevant only for beds with bumpers). According to this indicator, indicators of no more than 20 cm should be adhered to with a deepening of 5 cm; 18-22 cm with a deepening of 6-10 cm and from 23 cm with a deepening of 10-15 cm.

We hope that the information provided in the article will help you with choosing the optimal mattress height. If necessary, you can contact our consultants.

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