Bedtime Needs: Things To Look For When Mattress Shopping

August 9, 2021

The most significant investment you can make for your mental and physical health is to purchase a mattress that is so comfortable it improves your body’s state and bedtime. Remember that when companies sell a product for being “the best” mattress, this claim may not be valid to your needs. There is no one size fits all bed, so what may work for another may not work for you.

Everyone may have different preferences, but everyone starts in the same place: determining their size needs, how thick, durable, adaptable you want their mattress to be, and what type of mattress you want. The information below will better explain these things as you read on.


When determining the mattress size for your future mattress, it will have to depend on factors, e.g., how much free space you have, growth expectations, do you share with a partner, and body size. There are numerous mattress sizes; as such, this page discusses them. Note that some brands may not sell every size.

  • Twin (38″ x 75″)

Twin beds are generally used by children who have outgrown their cribs. Also, it is chosen to allow extra space for their body to develop as an adult eventually. Of course, adults can use this mattress size as well, especially when they have space limitations.

  • Twin XL (38″ x 80″)

If you have ever been to a college dormitory, then you have probably seen this mattress size. It is often used in dormitories because of its ability to conserve space and tailor it to taller than average individuals. Albeit it is slightly more costly than a twin bed, it is still worth the investment because of the extra room to stretch your legs. 

  • Full (54″ x 75″)

Some couples will gladly share a regular twin bed, although the best mattress to buy for two people who share a bed is a full-sized bed. Mattress experts recommend the mattress size for individuals with limited bedroom space but still have to share a bed with their partner.

  • Queen (60″ x 80″)

Another popular option for singles and couples is queen-sized mattresses. It is because they can usually fit in most rooms without any issues, and of course, it has plenty of room to stretch your body.

  • King (76″ x 80″)

King-sized beds are a perfect addition to a large bedroom. Also, if you share a bed with kids, pets, and a significant other, you may want to invest in this mattress size. It is the most prominent mattress size on the market and you can still have extra room in your bed despite sharing a bed with loved ones. 

  • California King (72″ x 84″)

The difference between a regular king-sized bed and a California king is that the latter is marginally narrower. It offers an additional four inches in length for those who have exceptional height. Of course, if your bedroom shape allows for a bigger bed, then go for this mattress to suit the condition of your room.


Depending on what brand you buy your mattress from, the height of the bed will differ. Entry-level options tend to have a more straightforward and thinner design. On the other hand, luxury brands have support systems and comfort layers that are complicated. If you have a problem getting in and out of your mattress, then a bed with exceptional height may be the cause of the problem. 


A mattress’s adaptability shows it is made of good quality; it should adapt to different preferences or growing bodies. Let us face it; a bed can be costly; as such, you would want to use it for a long time. Thus, if it can adapt to its user changing size and sleeping positions, it can enhance its value. 


A higher price does not mean you are getting a good quality bed; it does not mean that you will feel comfortable in it when it is been delivered to your home. 


All good beds should have a blend of softness, comfort, and support. Beds on the market with enhanced support systems tend to be firmer than mattresses with enhanced comfort. 

Types Of Mattress

  • Hybrid

These mattresses result from combining two unique materials; that is why many call it the best of both worlds. It may be a bit more costly than beds that are only made with one material. Still, hybrid mattresses have many advantages that wouldn’t disappoint its user.

  • Air Bed

Air beds are perfect if you are always on the go. You can bring this anywhere you travel to, and you only need your pump and a deflated air mattress. It’s affordable and convenient!

  • Latex

If you want a natural option and offer pressure relief, go for latex mattresses. Also, these beds offer temperature regulation thanks to their natural formulation.

  • Memory Foam

NASA first developed it to cushion astronauts that were in space. These beds react to the body’s heat and conform to your frame.


Even if people’s preferences are unique to them, the process of looking for a mattress is still similar for everyone. Use the list of what to look for above when looking for the perfect addition to your bedroom!

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