Stuck At Home: Make It Your Sanctuary With These Tips

January 28, 2021

For some, being stuck at home is pretty great. Yet, for those with a home they are not happy with it can be pretty depressing. A lot of people are having to stay at home at the moment. Whether because they are working there, home schooling children, or just on a general lockdown due to the pandemic. The key is to take action. If you do not like it, make it your sanctuary. Sanctuary is defined differently by each person. What works for an individual in one house simply will not in the other. These tips can help give you a push:

Make The Most Out Of The Garden

For most people, the home does not end with the four walls. They have a garden to use. If you use this properly your home will feel a lot bigger. If there are a few of you stuck there, it makes life a lot easier. Sure, the weather can be a problem, but sometimes all you need is an outdoor heater to keep you warm. The fresh air will always do you good. If you are worried about privacy consider fence installation. You do not necessarily have to spend all of your time there, but if you are working from home or just want somewhere to relax, having the option of spending time in the garden can make all the difference. Even if it is just a quick winter walk across the grass.

Create The Perfect Place To Work From Home

Finding the right place can be pretty tough if you have kids running around or limited space, but it is workable. Find the right place for a desk. If you have a spare room, you are off to a good start. If not, fit a desk in the guest bedroom, a nook in your bedroom or even the living room. It is always workable. Business owners may suffer the most when trying to promote their business and run everything from the home, but you can create a zen area where you have your corkboard, notepads, laptop and everything you need. You need to instil respect for this space in your children and partner. If you need time for work, make sure you carve out a particular time in the day when they know not to bother you. 

Declutter For Maximum Effect 

If you are stuck at home clutter can be a happiness killer. Does not matter if you are working at home or simply stuck there. It makes things look untidy and close, and it can really bite into your productivity. This is only multiplied when there are other people at home with you. Clear out the things you do not need and make room for the things you do like a desk or a chair. Clean space can really make all the difference. Kids toys can be one of the big offenders. If they are spread out everywhere then it is time to slim down, especially if there is a birthday coming up with more being added to the pile. The more space you have, the more scope available to turn your home into the sanctuary you deserve.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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