March 9, 2022


A hand dryer (otherwise a hand dryers , an electric towel ) has long been an indispensable electrical device for drying hands after washing by means of a directed air flow. Most often, such a device is installed in cafes, restaurants, railway stations, airports and other public places with high traffic. Despite the fact that the first dryer appeared several decades ago, its main purpose has remained the same.

At its core, this is a thermal fan with a special design, which includes a heater and the fan itself, which creates a directed flow of air masses. Recently, hand dryers have begun to be installed in cottages, country houses and apartments, as this is a convenient and economical device that does not take up much space.


The popularity of such an electrical appliance is primarily due to its compactness, high hygiene and ease of use. In order to use such a device, you do not need to have special skills – just bring your hands to the hole from which warm air blows. Electric dryers save free space and form a successful tandem with a contactless soap dispenser. Cloth hand towels need to be changed and dried frequently. They quickly get dirty and need to be washed, and paper ones quickly overflow the basket, so it is more expedient to buy and install an electric hand dryer.


On sale is a large selection of hand dryers, which are divided into 2 main types:

Standard or Classic. Wall mount air flow comes from above . They work on the principle of a hair dryer, are equipped with a heater with a power of 800 to 2000 W, are inexpensive and have a low incoming air flow rate. Its temperature can be more than 60 degrees. Such models are most often found in offices, hospitals and shops. The advantages of standard dryers include compactness and availability. In addition, they make little noise during operation.

High- speed hand dryers , unlike classic ones, do not evaporate, but blow off water drops with a powerful air jet, the speed of which is about 165 m/s. At the same time, the air temperature does not exceed 50 degrees. They are divided into two types, submersible – hands are inserted into the nozzle of the dryer, the dryer is at the bottom and water enters the dryer tray and the second type – the dryers are reminiscent of classic ones and are mounted at chest level, drops are blown onto the floor with a powerful stream of air from above .The advantages of such designs include economical energy consumption, high drying speed and protection of the delicate skin of the hands from drying out and burns.


In a relatively short period of time, submersible electric hand dryers have become sales leaders in their class, which combine two main advantages – fast drying and reasonable cost. Their principle of operation is clear and simple – in order to dry your hands, you need to lower them into the nozzle of the dryer. The advantages of these models include:

modern design;

optimal noise level;

non-contact way of switching on;

the presence of a reservoir for collecting water.


There are also wall-mounted hand dryers that do not take up much space, are easy to install and provide high quality work. Modern models include additional equipment in the form of built-in ionizers, biofilters and ultraviolet lamps. They not only dry, but also disinfect hands. Such dryers are used at facilities with increased requirements for sanitation (food production, medicine). Due to the presence of non-contact infrared sensors that respond to approaching hands, such dryers are energy efficient and do not run idle. For small rooms, there are dryers that turn on with a button, since in small rooms withWith a large crowding, the sensor can be triggered not only by raised hands, but also by people passing by who , due to the small size of the room, find themselves in the sensor trigger zone.

The advantages of wall-mounted structures for drying hands include:

the presence of protection against overheating;

economical consumption of electricity;

original design;



Hand dryers are made of metal or polymer material . For the manufacture of metal structures, stainless steel or anodized aluminum is used. Polymer products are made from high-strength ABS plastic ( shockproof) , or polypropylene.

The main difference between plastic and metal electric dryers is the cost. Models made of plastic are most often presented in the inexpensive segment, and metal ones have a different price category – from budget to the most expensive. Stainless steel dryers are considered the most durable and durable, as they do not corrode, have a stylish design and are resistant to mechanical damage.


SUSHIMRUKI.RU online store offers a wide selection of hand dryers from such well-known brands as KSITEX , BINELE , BXG (the oldest brand in the Russian market) , FAURA, NOFER (Spanish brand) , CONNEX, PUFF, G-TEQ and other brands . Electric towels from KSITEX have an attractive appearance, are made of impact-resistant plastic or metal , equipped with an infrared sensor and a powerful heater. They have the largest selection of dryers. The air flow in such devices is supplied at a speed of up to 9-5 m / s, and the sensor is triggered at a distance of up to 20 cm.

Dryers brand G – TEQ are often installed in homes, offices, hospitals and other crowded places. They have an affordable cost, are distinguished by high-quality assembly, and their body is made of durable plastic. Such designs have conveniently located openings and have reliable protection against moisture.

Electric dryers of the CONNEX and BINELE trademarks are no less popular . They have an elegant design, compact dimensions and meet all the requirements of moisture and electrical protection. The advantages of Chinese-made dryers include:

non-contact method of drying hands;

high power;

the optimal air flow temperature for the skin of the hands;

hygiene safety.

A large range of hand dryers from different manufacturers is presented in the product catalog of our online store SUSHIMRUKI.RU, where you can buy high-quality equipment for arranging bathrooms, toilets and public showers at an affordable cost. Dryers and their varieties

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