Seven Best Apps For Traveling In India

February 21, 2018

No longer must we travel like our parents did — a backpack with two or three guidebooks just is not going to cut it. Now, thanks to the internet, we have more information about the world at our fingers than ever before. Time to put that new tool to good use.

Most countries you visit these days boast a cache of apps that will make you live like a local while you travel and India is no exception.

If you are planning a trip to India soon, these are the apps you are going to need to get!


This innovative little app was put out by the Indian government to help make planning a trip around India so much easier and it really works. It is designed to help tourists find the best way to get around the country and people are raving about it.

It is very well-designed, easy to use and full of cool features. You do not just plan how to get from A to B with Tripgator; it also shares all the cool stuff you can do when you get there.


AudioCompass is another genius app from the Indian government, in partnership with the developers. AudioCompass offers you a library of built-in audio tours for some of the country’s most popular areas of interest.

All the tours will work online and has over 1,000 local areas covered, so enjoy learning more about this amazing country.


Triposo collects all publicly available travel guides from open sources across the internet and bops them all into one handy app. Gone are the days when you will have to scrabble on Wikipedia and OpenStreetMaps to find out what’s the deal in the city you have just landed.

Thanks to Triposo, all the info you might need to know is ready and available with just a touch of a button. And the best part? It works offline too, saving you potentially costly expenses on data.


We should all know by now you cannot really trust TripAdvisor, after a restaurant that had never existed became the “most popular restaurant” in London on the site. Instead, if you want to dine like a local, look at Zomato.

Zomato’s been kept hush-hush from the traveling set, but take a look to get in on the secret, and find the best local eats in the area you just landed.

Pangea Money Transfer

There is nothing worse than realizing you may have to transfer money to an Indian bank account and having no idea how to do it. That is where Pangea comes in. It is truly the best way for sending USD to INR on the go.

Oyo Rooms

If you are traveling a country as large as India, you are going to want to make sure you are saving money, without sacrificing comfort. That is where Oyo Rooms comes in. Oyo rooms provides budget hotels, which all have standardized service.

That means each Oyo Room is guaranteed to come with clean bedding, a decent bathroom area and even a complimentary wash kit. Rest easy with Oyo.

IRCTC Connect

Perhaps the best and most romantic way to navigate India is by train. It is also the best way to see some of the country’s tremendous landscapes.

Navigate the rail system with ease thanks to the new app from the company behind the trains, IRCTC. This app does not just help you see timetables and buy tickets, it also handily informs you if there are any delays and problems with your journey, which, to be honest, is commonplace.


JustDial is a good app to have in just about every instance. It is useful if something goes awry, and its useful if you are curious about hotels, cinema, you name it — JustDial covers everything. It is a listing service, in English, of just anything you may need when you are in India.

From plumbers to the theatre, from takeaways to doctors, and an odd little section ‘Everything for Hire’, just dial covers it.

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