Three Ways You Are Inadvertently Harming Your Family’s Health At Home

February 18, 2018

Is your home as healthy as you think? 

We try our best to keep our family in the best condition it can possibly be in. We look out for everyone’s health and wellbeing, we make healthy dinners, encourage them to exercise, and so on and so forth. But, did you know you might be inadvertently harming their health in your home? It is true, many things in your house may be causing harm to your children or even to you! To help you avoid doing this, I have listed the most common things down below:

Creating Dry Air With Your Central Heating

What happens when you are feeling cold indoors? You trot over to your boiler and you turn the central heating on. It fills your house full of warmth, keeping everyone nice and comfortable. After all, you cannot let everyone stay cold, or you could cause issues like hypothermia. However, did you know that having your heating on for long periods will dry out the air in your home? This is a health issue, because it can cause breathing problems for your family. It is especially bad for anyone with asthma or airborne allergies. So, what can you do to solve this? You cannot turn the heating off, because everyone will freeze! Well, as it shows on, you can add moisture to your home with a humidifier. This gets rid of dry air, while still allowing you to keep the heating on.

Releasing Chemical Fumes From Cleaning Products

If you are a clean freak, then you may be doing more harm than good to your family. Yes, keeping your house clean is essential, and by doing this, you can get rid of loads of germs and bacteria. The problem is, most generic cleaning products contain chemicals that give off dangerous fumes. If your child inhales them, then it could cause various health problems. Thankfully, as shown on, there are some cleaning products out there that contain natural ingredients and do not give off fumes. So, if you are worried about how you will keep your home clean without contaminating it with chemicals, then just know you have options out there to strike the perfect balance.

Not Getting Rid Of Dust Effectively

Now, it is near enough impossible to give your home a deep clean every week. But, you can do certain things regularly, and they will benefit the way your home looks and how your family feel. One of those things is dusting your surfaces as much as possible. If you do not dust effectively, then you could leave loads of airborne allergens in the air for people to breathe in. This is very bad for your kids if they have allergies or asthma, it is just as bad as dry air in fact. So, if you are not getting rid of dust regularly, then you could be damaging your family’s health.

This article may be something of an eye opener for you as you realize you are accidentally doing things that are bad for your family’s health. Not to worry, now you know what these things are, you can take precautions to ensure you stop doing them and keep your family as healthy as can be.


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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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