Seven Bedroom Must-Haves For A Good Night’s Sleep

February 4, 2020

Nothing can kickstart your day quite like waking up feeling relaxed and revitalized. In fact, a good night’s sleep is essential to the overall quality of life. It affects your mood, energy, coordination, concentration, decision-making, and so much more, not to mention how sleep impacts you physically. 

One factor that plays a key role in getting your body the sleep it needs is your bedroom. There are several elements that contribute to a restful sleeping place, and getting them in order will help you consistently enjoy sufficient, uninterrupted shuteye. Here are seven bedroom ‘must-haves’ for a good night’s sleep:


Without artificial lighting, we would all be ending our days pretty early. However, keeping the lights on at night can also affect your circadian rhythm, which regulates your sleeping cycle. Being around bright lights can make your body feel more awake than it really is. 

The solution? Consider investing in light bulbs with variable dimming for your bedroom or switch to the soft glow of your bedside table lamp before bed. Avoiding blue light from your laptop and smartphone screen will also help. 


Unless you are one of the lucky few who live in the countryside and far from any street lights, you probably need a set of curtains that can stop external light from entering your room. Blackout curtains, also known as shades, can keep your room dark and womb-like at night, thus contributing to longer and better-quality sleep. 


Your pillow of choice can mean the difference between sleeping comfortably and constantly being woken up with your neck posture out of order. The right pillow for your needs depends largely on your sleeping position. 

What it is filled with also makes a difference. Cotton is a supportive budget option, while wool is great for regulating temperature and wicking away moisture. As for the case, natural fabrics are a better, more breathable choice. 


What you rest your head on may contribute towards a good night’s sleep, but nothing is more important than your mattress. If you have a mattress that is close to a decade old and it is keeping you up at night or making you feel achy in the morning, it is time for an upgrade. There are numerous factors that contribute to a quality mattress.

A medium-firm feeling is the most widely recommended, with supportive foam that prevents ‘sinkage’. It should also be cool and breathable. Some mattresses even feature pressure-relief zones to keep your spine in healthy alignment. These days, you can buy it on Amazon hassle-free. 


You probably know that sleep does not come easy when you are on the verge of drenching your bed in sweat. Keeping cool is key, and a fan is a simple and affordable way to do exactly that. Not only does it save you money on your electric bill, while still lowering your room temperature, but it also keeps air moving, thus keeping your nasal passage clear. 

Noise Machine

While perhaps not an absolute essential for everyone, a noise machine can prove incredibly helpful for some people who struggle to sleep. This is especially true if you live in a busy city or have a partner who snores. A noise machine works to even things out and reduces the harshness of external sounds, thus making them less noticeable. 

Weighted Blanket

Some people find that a heavier blanket helps them sleep better. This is most likely due to how a weighted blanket can help calm your nerves. There are specialized blankets available for this reason, but a comforter can also work. Just remember to stay cool. 

Once these elements are in order, you’ll quickly notice the difference in the quality and duration of your sleep. Even if you have to splurge a little, your sleeping sanctuary is always a worthwhile investment. 

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