How To Make A Statement In Your Home Without Remodeling

February 3, 2020
Photo by Hakim Santoso from Pexels

A chic, welcoming, well designed home is a true pleasure — both for ourselves and for those who we welcome into our space to celebrate and socialize with us. We all dream of that perfect home where money is no object for home improvements to completely redevelop it in our own taste, but usually this is not possible, as we all have to make compromises to work within our budgets. But it does not always take an extensive home renovation to make a big difference to the feel of the space we have. Quite often, the right finishing touches, chosen with care, can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of our homes. So, if you want to makeover without breaking the bank, what can you do?

Create Some Open Space

The single most effective thing you can do is to reconfigure your home into an open plan layout, by working out which walls are just stud walls on the ground floor and removing them to create a single space with a great flow. Having one large kitchen, dining and living area is much preferred in a modern home, and creates a far more sociable space. Reposition your furniture to further enhance the airy, open feel and if there are bulky items you dislike, try painting them in the same shade as the walls to visually blend them into the surroundings.

Makeover Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most social space in the home and the place that you are likely to have guests, so it makes sense that it’s the place which can benefit the most from an update. That does not have to mean a whole new expensive kitchen though. It is possible to achieve a huge design update through painting your kitchen cupboards, switching out the handles and hardware, and perhaps adding new tiling, while opting for appliance repair rather than paying out for new white goods.

Add Some Statement Lighting

Another element which can do a huge amount to alter the feel of the space is simply changing the lighting design. Rooms which are not lit well never live up to their full potential. Add a statement chandelier to create talking point over the kitchen island or dining table or create a cozier mood with floor and table lamps. Wall mounted up-lighters or things like under-cabinet lights in a kitchen can highlight beautiful features or divert attention away from areas that you are less keen on.

Rethink Your Window Treatments 

Window treatments are often overlooked, but can easily take your home decor from basic to brilliant without costing the earth. Visually balance the proportions of a window with strategically placed drapes cascading luxuriously to the floor or go for a clean and classic look with wooden plantation blinds instead. Introduce color with bright patterns or bold, geometric shapes on fabric dressings or keep it simple with voile panels to diffuse the light and provide some privacy. Your windows can be one of the most expressive parts of your home and should never simply be an afterthought. With a little care and attention, you can make a huge impact without a complete home remodel.

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