Six Home Improvements To Help Keep Your House Warm

February 2, 2020

If you live somewhere that gets bitter winters, you will no doubt enjoy snuggling up warm inside your home. But if your house lets in the cold and lets out the warmth, you will probably not enjoy spending time in your home in the colder months of the year. 

Instead of just burying yourself under a pile of blankets and using a bunch of hot water bottles, look at ways you can make changes to your property to make it warmer. Improvements to your home will not only raise the temperature it will also raise the value.

Change Your Windows And Doors

You could have the best heating system available, but if your windows and doors are letting the heat out, it will be a complete waste of time.

To avoid this, replace your windows and doors for more efficient and better-fitting options. Take a look at fiberglass entry doors or UPVC windows that will retain the heat in a much more effective way.

Get Thick Curtains

Having thin and flimsy curtains or blinds will mean that much of the warmth from the inside of your home will just end up going out of the window. 

Replace your curtains with thicker, better quality curtains. Make sure that the curtains are bigger than the windows. 

Have Your Roof Insulated 

Heat rises. 35% of the heat in your home gets lost through an uninsulated roof. Instead of letting your heat leave, get your roof or loft insulated. 

By laying sheets of loft insulation between the joists in your roof, you will be able to retain much more of the heat produced in your home. 

If you have cavity walls, you could also think about getting your walls insulated. By running sheets of insulation between the walls, you will make a barrier that will stop the heat escaping through the wall.

Upgrade Your Heating System

The heating system in your home may well be a bit old and not very economical. By servicing your boiler and heating systems or by replacing it for a more fuel-efficient model, you will be able to enjoy a warmer house and lower energy bills. 

Use Smart Wireless Controlled Heating

By fitting a smart wireless controller to your heating, you will be able to control the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world. That means, if you want to get your heating turned on when you are on your way home from work, you can do it from your smartphone. Then, when you get in, your home will already be warm.

Want to change the temperature, but do not want to move from your seat or bed? That is easy, just say it out loud and your smart speaker will do the job for you. 

Get Underfloor Heating

As heat rises, why not put the heat on the lowest possible place in your home and let it rise and fill your home? Underfloor heating will make your home toasty and warm.

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