Why Seeing Seattle Is Better On A Boat Tour

February 2, 2020

Many people love visiting Seattle, because of all the things it has to offer. From beautiful streets to wonderful views of the mountains, you can see it all and enjoy an eclectic mix of natural beauty and impressive cityscapes. 

However, it can take a long time to visit all of these beauties in Seattle if you move on foot. And if you use a car, a bus, or any similar mean of Limousine service Seattle, you may miss many different magical aspects of this city. 

So, what is the best solution to seeing all of Seattle? 

Well, go on a boat tour of course!

Seattle is famous for its amazing boat tours and it has many different ones. From old boats to newer yachts, you can experience it all, depending on what you like. Check out The Yellow Boats for exceptional service!

About Seattle

Seattle is the place where, as we already mentioned, nature goes hand in hand with modern architecture and innovation. For example, it is the place that holds both the marvelous skyscrapers or even the Space Needle, but also humbling mountains and forests. Here’s some basic information about this city. 

Seattle is located in the north-west of the United States, on a big body of water known as Puget Sound and it is a part of the Washington state. It is a big city that has around 700 000 people, which helps it stay down to earth and feel homey. 

Many famous things and people came from Seattle. 

For example, you would be interested to know that Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, and so on all came from this city. This is also the home of the band Nirvana and grunge music in general. 

Seattleites love living in houseboats and most of them have a high level of education. The waterfront is instantly recognizable, and the city is proud of it according to its pages https://visitseattle.org/press/press-kit/seattles-major-attractions/.

All in all, this is a very modern yet quaint city, which will astonish you with the sheer amount of fun it offers. You can also check out this article to learn more about the best things to do in Seattle.

Why Take a Seattle Boat Tour


Seeing the picturesque place on foot may result in tired and painful feet. And since the city is surrounded by water, there is no better way to see it than to take a boat tour. 

You see, while you may have numerous options of seeing this city, boating offers all of the views of the city in one magical, convenient ride. And there are numerous tours to choose from.

A boat ride will usually last for about ninety minutes during which you’ll be able to hear all about the city and all of its great development. You will get to see all of the best places and all of that while you drink a nice cocktail or sip on some coffee. 

You can experience the Pioneer Square, which is one of the most historical places and then move to a more modern Fremont and so on. 

A boat ride — especially duck boat ride will offer you some history and tales about culture, as well as a comedic aspect with funny jokes along with mesmerizing sights. 

Some of the best sights to pay attention to are the Great Wheel or the Seattle Aquarium. You will probably get to see the first and the original Starbucks. 

Alone and on foot, all of this can take hours.

Duck boats often take people to see downtown Seattle as well as Lake Union. For example, check out what https://www.ridetheducksofseattle.com/tours/land-water-tours/tour-route/ has to offer. This is where the truly breathtaking sights begin, especially around sunset. You will feel that “Sleepless in Seattle” vibe and enjoy watching floatplanes land and take off.

Another unavoidable element of every boat tour might be the Mt. Rainier, which is an active volcano covered in snow and ice.                                                    

What is even more important is the connection with the people though. Sure, roaming the city on your own may sound adventurous, but it is going to end up being boring. You will not know a lot about the things you are looking at and looking at your phone all the time to read some information is not an ideal way to spend your time. 

A boat tour comes with other people to have fun with along with a likely charming guide that can tell you all about the city. Not only that information that can be found on Wikipedia, but much more. Anecdotes, legends, myths, facts, inside jokes and so on. It makes your experience of Seattle more authentic and more unique. 

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