How To Choose The Best Moving Company

February 4, 2020

Moving to a new home is hectic. Especially if you are moving everything yourself, hiring a moving company can save you a lot of time and money. MoveDay Movers in Dallas save time, because they come with their packing materials. So, they pack and move your items quickly. However, it is hard to choose the right moving company:

1. Ask for recommendations 

Asking for recommendations is the easiest way of choosing the best moving company. Most people hire moving companies when they are moving to a new place. You may know some people who have hired moving companies in the past. Ask them for recommendations. They might recommend you the best moving companies to work with. 

When talking to these people, ask them about their experience with the moving company. If they had a good experience with their moving company, choose that company. Almost everyone hates moving. Because they did not have a good experience with these moving companies, do not choose one of these companies. 

2. Ask for quotes 

Since you are looking for an affordable moving company, you should ask several local moving companies for their quotes. Most moving companies give free quotes. They send someone to inspect the items you are moving. They do the inspections, because they want to give you the right quotes. Choosing the right movers is imperative when you are going from one place to another, but you should always look to get quotes from all movers that you speak to. You don’t want to have missed out on an excellent deal simply because you didn’t ask. It doesn’t matter how many moving companies you speak to, as long as you look for the movers who have the best quotes for the best service you’re in the right place.

Therefore, it is easy to compare the quotes of different moving companies. Also, find out if the moving company has hidden fees. Asking for quotes can help you choose an affordable moving company. If the moving company does not suit your budget, do not waste your time talking to that company. Choose an affordable moving company. 

3. Complaints 

Unfortunately, some moving companies get a lot of complaints. They get these complaints because they do not care about their customers. You will find most of their customers file complaints against these companies. And these companies do not bother to resolve these complaints. 

The best moving companies rarely get complaints. If they get a complaint, they resolve that complaint immediately. They hate seeing their clients unhappy. So, they work hard to provide the best service. And they do not damage the items they are transporting. And they have excellent customer service. 

4. Insurance 

Insurance is important because your belongings can get damaged during the move. If the moving company does not have a comprehensive moving insurance, the company will not pay or compensate you for the damages. Ask the moving company for their insurance certificates. Then, call their insurance company to confirm if their insurance certificates are valid. 

Insurance protects you from losses. However, do not rely on insurance alone. Because the insurance may not cover the full cost of replacing the damaged item, choose a moving company with the right insurance cover and hires a professional staff to pack and move your belongings. 

5. Experience 

The experience of these moving companies is important. Some moving companies are new in this industry. So, they may not have enough money to hire the best workers. You will find their workers may not know how to pack certain items properly. They may end up damaging these items. 

Choose experienced moving companies as they have been in this business for a long time and they have moved several items. They can easily pack different items. And they transport them safely. Also, they have the best moving trucks for transporting different items. You will love an experienced and reputable moving company. 

6. Location 

Choose local moving companies. You may find other great moving companies in other towns or cities. Do not choose one of them because they charge lesser for transport. You may have to pay a lot of extra money to national moving companies. It is much cheaper to hire a local moving company. 

Also, local moving companies have a lot of local customers. Therefore, it is easy to talk to the customers of the local moving companies. Talking to their customers is important because they can share their experience with the moving company. A good local company has a lot of happy and satisfied customers. 

7. Ask for references 

When you are doing your research to find the best moving companies, you will find several moving companies. Ask them for their customer references. The best moving companies have worked with a lot of people. They do not mind giving you their customer references. You will learn a lot just by talking to their previous customers.  

However, some moving companies do not have customer references. If they are not new in this business, it means they do not have a lot of happy customers. Avoid these moving companies. Because there is a big reason, they do not have customer references. Choose a moving company with excellent customer references. 

These are the best ways on how to choose the best moving companies. A good moving company has insurance, it has a license, it has several years of experience, it has a good reputation, it has good customer references, it has excellent customer service, and it is affordable.

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  1. Victoria Addington

    My sister has decided to live in the city and is set to move next month. Now that she found an apartment to stay, I guess it’s about time to hire a local moving company. With that considered, I shall then choose one who has been in the business for a long time and has established a good reputation.

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