7 Best Online Trivia Games

February 4, 2020

If you’re know-it-all genius guy in your squad, get totally bamboozled when a contestant fails to answer an easy question while watching a random game on your television screen, then you need to know about trivia game. Have already played it, but bored of old games? Are you looking for a brand-new list of online trivia apps? Worry not, because you can now find some of the best trivia apps at meebily. Get to know each of the trivia apps mentioned below and choose yourself which sync with your interest.

Here’s the list of 7 best trivia apps that you play online whenever you want.

 1. Trivia Crack Kingdom 

The game is available on both Android and IOS. It allows the players to subscribe to the specific category of trivia followed by the battle itself which is either head-to-head to their Facebook friends or random opponents from around the world. Players also have the option of playing as single channel or multi-channel. One of the featured aspects of the game is that you can play multiple games at a time.

 2. King of Math

Not everyone would love to play this game, but the kids having love for mathematics will have a good time and good learning. The game begins with the contestant choosing a character and upgrade it when solving the problems. The more you solve the better your chosen character gets.

 3. Jeopardy

Jeopardy itself is a TV show and the algorithm works much like the same. The game has number of playing competing with each other over general trivia question covering a variety of informative topics. Jeopardy has three modes; single player, multiplayer and local wifi players. In contrast to the TV show, the jeopardy mobile app has multiple choice questions

 4. Snippt

This app is quite different but user-friendly. The trivia app is news trivia game which features a short clip of news headline covering random topics of entertainment, sports, pop culture, lifestyle, trends and global news. Players shall then read a 120-word story and answer the trivia questions after that.

 5. Quizzup 

With an extremely polished interface, the game cover wide range of topics and a huge following of gamers from around the world. The levels of the game are quick and fast depending on the the players speed to answer the number of questions in less time. The highlight of the game is the chat with the friends and discussion of trivia topics.

 6. HQ Trivia

This game is famous as it lets the players earn money and move to the next level. Like every other trivia, you are supposed to answer the questions covering a range of topics. With each right answer you move one level up and earn more money.

7. Trivia 360

It offers thousands of trivia questions in hundred of categories without distracting he players. Questions can be true false, multiple choice questions and identification- all in all testing your knowledge. 

There are other trivia apps as well but we meebily has shortlisted the ones that are loved and played worldwide and has immense following.

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