Basic Wake Surfing Tips To Make You A Confident Surfer

February 4, 2020

Wake surfing performance depends not only on the skills of the surfer but also on the choice of the right wakeboard, rope, handle and the kind of boat used. It is important to remember that the boat must have adequate weight either on the right or left side so that it allows producing a larger wake. Large wakes break to one side and help to simulate a small ocean wave ideal for surfing. How much extra ballast to use depends on what the boat can handle. Seasoned surfers want to install fat sacs on their boats which are then connected to the ballast system. Wakesurfers online research is the best way to gather tips about better wakesurfing by choosing the right equipment and accessories, and this article should help too.

Types of wakeboards

Skim style and Surf style are the two types of wakeboards used for wakesurfing. Surfers intending to perform tricks related to traditional surfing like the aerial tricks would prefer to use surf-style boards with larger fins while those who want to perform tricks by emulating the tricks performed in snowboarding and skateboarding would do well to skim style board that have smaller fins less than 2.5 inches. Surf style boards are bigger, 5 feet 2 inches or longer, meant for bigger guys and it utilizes the whole wave with carves, snaps, aerials and Ollies. Skim style boards are shorter, thinner and wider produced by the method of compression moulding. These boards are ideal for tricks that are surface-oriented like shove-it manoeuvres and spinning.  Hybrid style wakeboards is a combination of the skim style and surf style. The kind of skills you want to perform determines the selection of the wakeboard.

How to stand up

Surfers who want to perform the trick of standing up should learn the tricks from experienced surfers who say that you must begin by lying in the water while your heels rest on the board. Wait for the boat to pick up speed and hold on to the rope so that you can use the tension of the rope to pull your body on the board.  Once you are on the board, maintain proper width between your shoulder and feet and bend your knees for proper balancing. The stance is important for balance, and it depends on the type of board, your skill level and personal preference.

Adjust your stance

Once you have stood firmly on the board, you can think about changing your stance. Adjusting your stance should help to move closer or farther away from the boat. To back off from the boat, you must put more pressure on your back foot that will slow you down and to speed up you must lean on your foot so that it creates forward movement toward the wake. However, be careful to apply pressure because applying too much pressure in one direction will wipe you out as it will disturb the balance.

By experiment with your footing, you should be able to find the best position on the wake that is ideal for surfing.

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