Nine Ways You Can Reduce Home Allergies This Spring

March 23, 2022

Spring has finally arrived, and it is the perfect time to start worrying about allergies. Nothing is more frustrating than being indoors on a rainy or bright day and dealing with hay fever symptoms. Unfortunately, in the US alone, over 50 million people have allergies. Fortunately, it is easy to reduce your home allergies to make this spring a little more tolerable and rewarding.

Take Care Of Your Flooring

Your flooring is filthy, even when it is clean. They can still be full of mites and germs, some of which are harmful. Specific mites, such as those from the Pyroglyphidae family, are commonly called dust mites. These are the tiny creatures that cause havoc to allergy and asthma sufferers. These critters love carpets and can make their home in the coziest of places. Replacing carpets with wood by companies like Canadian hardwood flooring can help reduce the number of dust mites in your home. Regular vacuuming and steaming also help.

Purify The Air

Your lungs are designed only to breathe clean air without pollutants. Exposure to unsafe air causes many problems, such as asthma and other respiratory issues. And with Covid-19 still a significant issue, lung health is more important than ever. Fortunately, you can reduce the number of allergens and contaminants in the air very quickly. Home air purifiers are trendy these days because they draw in large particle dust, trap them, and then output cleaned air. Air purifiers can help reduce infections and the symptoms of asthma.

Consider OTC Treatment

While you might not want to take medication for allergies, sometimes hayfever can become so bad that it is the only option when nothing else seems to work. Common meds like cetirizine and loratadine are antihistamines, considered relatively safe, and very effective. However, there are specific conditions under which they may not be. These include other particular drugs, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Your pharmacist will answer any questions you have and advise you if it is safe for you or your family to take them.

Keep An Eye On Pollen Levels

While it is not the only cause of allergies, pollen from grass and seeds contributes significantly to inflammation. For example, hay Fever, an illness caused by small grain pollen, is more common in spring because it’s the season where pollen typically spreads. You can try to decrease the amount of pollen at home, but you cannot avoid it altogether. However, you can check pollen levels in your area and take measures to reduce the effects. If pollen is high that day, take what you need, such as hayfever tablets, tissues, and nasal sprays to help combat the effects.

Vacuum Everywhere

As you might be aware, pollen and dust mites cause a significant inflammatory reaction in your nasal passageways. The effect is unpleasant itching and stinging of your eyes, throat, and nose. Pollen and mites can settle in your home, so you need to vacuum more than your carpets:

  • Any soft fabrics
  • Door frames and windows
  • Shelves and on top of cupboards
  • Behind and on top of your TV or entertainment system
  • Around picture frames and books

Allergy-causing contaminants are everywhere, so you need to stay vigilant against them. Keeping your home clean and tidy goes a long way in reducing the effects of most allergies. Any surface will catch dust and pollen, and they can settle while causing harm.

Check For Mold

One of the worst culprits for allergies is common household mold. Mold is not anything to be ashamed of, and it can appear anywhere at any time. Mold loves varying heat levels between hot and cold with a moist atmosphere. That is why you find it most in the bathroom and kitchen. But it can appear anywhere in your home. However, you must get rid of mold ASAP because it spreads fast and causes severe damage to your house and your health. In addition, mold spores can be highly toxic and even fatal in large enough amounts.

Use Clean Bedding

You should clean your bedding as much as possible to avoid the harmful effects of bacteria that love to live in sheets and on mattresses. However, clean bedding is even more critical if you suffer from allergies. The same bacteria and mites found in your bed cause even more damage if you are sensitive to them during spring and summer. Bedding should be washed once per week minimum. However, when your allergies are flaring up, you should change your sheets at least two, three, or even four times during a bad season.

Properly Store Your Clothing

Of course, it is not just carpets and bedding that mites, dust, and pollen are attracted to. It is any soft fabric. And the soft materials you come into contact with the most are your clothes. So if you leave your clothes lying around, they will attract more mites and more pollen. If you have the facilities, always put your clothes away in the closet, and hang up your coats. If you do not have such spaces in your home, fold up your clothes and put them out of the way so airborne contaminants cannot come into your home and settle on them.

Moisturize The Air

Like purifying the air, you can also add some moisture to it. Allergies can be made worse in dry air, so adding a little moisture can help reduce the symptoms of allergies by soothing your lungs. Air moisturizers also act as air ionizers. Most air purifiers use fans and filters to remove contaminants from the air. Air ionizers use ions to eliminate particulates, microbes, and odors. They do this by electrically charging air molecules in a room to attract them to a filter. This is not the same as ozone creation which can be unsafe for some people.


Allergies can be a blight during the spring and summer. So it is never too early to think about preparing for them. You can begin by taking care of your flooring by vacuuming everywhere. You should also remove as much dust as possible. Air cleaners and moisturizers can help with even more protection, and OTC medication provides an extra layer of protection.

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