Four Common Safety Hazards Around Your Home

November 4, 2022

The home should be a safe space where you and your family feel protected. However, this is not always the case. In 2020, for instance, the US reported around 156300 avoidable injury-related fatalities in homes and communities, accounting for about 78% of all preventable injury-related deaths. Keeping your family safe should not be too much work, especially when most of these hazards are often hidden in plain sight. Inspecting inside and around your home may reveal some of these risks, allowing you to eliminate them. But if you are unsure where to begin, below are four common hazards to look out for.

  1. Allergens 

Data by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America suggests that over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies annually. Many of the causes or triggers exist in the home. For instance, mold growth is a reflection of your home’s humidity and occurs when moisture condenses on surfaces like window frames and walls. You may have itchy eyes, headaches, and sneezing if you are allergic to this substance. Common areas for mold include your kitchen and bathroom so pay attention and clear visible condensation from your surfaces. Keeping an air vent can help prevent mold. You can also consider getting an air purifier to minimize your allergy trigger risks.

  1. Poisonous substances 

Poisoning is the second highest cause of mortality in the United States, accounting for 5,000 deaths per year. The figures are disturbing, especially when most victims are curious small kids. This makes it crucial to take practical safety measures to keep your child safe and avoid being one of these statistics. You can start by eliminating potentially harmful chemicals from your home. Identify medications and leftover or unused chemicals in your living room, kitchen, storage room, or garage and keep them out of reach. You can also find professionals like Evergreen Junk Removal to remove any scattered debris and products that pose any safety risk in your home or workshop. 

  1. Water 

Youngsters from one to four years are at high risk of drowning, which is a major cause of death and injury in this age range. Kids this age may drown within only two inches of water, and this horrific type of tragedy kills 800 people in the United States alone each year. So always keep an eye on young children when bathing. Never leave them unattended to respond to a phone call. You can always call back after you are done. If you have one, keep your pool or pond in a fenced-in area and when there is water around, never leave your kids unsupervised.

  1. Suffocation 

According to a recent study, infant deaths due to suffocation have been increasing. This could be attributed to several factors and your toddlers and small kids are at the highest risk of asphyxia. To avoid accidents and possibly tragedies, keep garbage and potentially hazardous bags, cables, strings, and robes out of reach of small kids. Your curtain and blinds cords, for instance, may appear harmless. However, pay special attention to them and keep cribs and beds away from this strangling threat. Secure any loose or looped cords with tension devices or cleats, especially those within reach of children at floor level or on furniture kids can climb on.

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