Soy Wax For Clean And Long Lasting Candles

March 20, 2018

Paraffin wax has been a common component of candles due to its affordability. Soy wax is a popular alternative that offers several advantages. The best types of candles do not contain any petroleum or synthetic derived additives. Some candles consist of a limited amount of chemicals while others include paraffin wax or additives. The 100% natural soy candles from are the preferred option as they have no pollutants, carcinogens, or toxins and last longer.


Soybeans are a renewable and natural source that is widely and locally grown. On the other hand, petroleum is a non-renewable source that is used in the production of paraffin candles. Harmful substances may be released while burning paraffin candles.

Using candles that are made from soy not only enhances health and safety, it also supports local farmers and the agricultural sector of the economy. Since soy is a product of soya beans, it is a sustainable and natural source that several generations can use for years to come. It is biodegradable and can be broken down harmlessly within the ground.

Healthier and Cleaner Burning

  • Soy wax candles typically burn cleaner as minimal soot is released while the candle burns. A substantial amount of black soot is created by paraffin candles, which collects in containers, walls and various surfaces in the home.
  • Candles made from soy are non-toxic and do not expose users to the risks associated with toxic chemical substances. Quality soy candles do not pollute the air or compromise the air quality in your home.
  • Unlike conventional candles, soy solely uses natural cotton wick rather than metal filaments that are often used to keep wicks upright during burning.

Long-Lasting Burn

Soy varieties of candles usually last significantly longer than paraffin candles of similar sizes. This is attributed to the cooler burning temperature and slower burning time of soybean wax. With longer-lasting candles you make a worthwhile investment, buy candles less often and protect the environment. By burning cooler, soy wax ensures that you will be able to enjoy your candles for much longer than paraffin candles.


  • Soy wax candles are known for their ability to hold on to scents that are derived from the essential oils that are used to create scented candles. The scent is released gradually as the candle burns slowly, which means that people are not accosted by an instant strong scent. This helps to create a much more pleasant and comfortable environment.
  • The lower melting point and cooler molten wax of soy-based candles causes less perfume to evaporate. Various solutions are used to strengthen the scent of candles, including using highly concentrated essential oils or perfumes, deeply scenting the wax and raising the melting point of soy wax.
  • Combining these solutions is an effective way to make sure that soy candles fill your home with beautiful and fragrant scents.

Aesthetics And Craftsmanship

Natural wax works well with colors, which enhances the visual appeal of the candles. Hand poured soy candles improve the appearance and presentation of the candles. Soy wax is natural and each candle behaves differently during production. This requires hand pouring and finishing that ensures the final product is beautifully crafted.

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