What You Should Know About Tummy Tucks Before Opting For One

March 20, 2018

There can be plenty of reasons behind a drooping tummy, but everyone will agree that it can be very unsightly and lead to a loss of confidence. Tummy tucks are increasingly becoming common; however, you should consider a number of things before deciding on one.

You cannot lose weight with a tummy tuck

While there may be a temporary reduction in your weight, you should know that a tummy tuck cannot result in your losing weight on an enduring basis. Ideally, tummy tucks should be done by those who have already achieved their ideal weight. There is a massive difference between tummy tucks and bariatric surgery; tummy tucks are superficial while bariatric surgery involves making your stomach smaller from the inside to curb your appetite and thus make you lose weight.

The scars can be different

In conventional tummy tuck Sydney, the incision is made from hip to hip in a way that the scar is below the bikini line. Usually, the scar will be like an inverted ‘T” as incisions are both horizontal and vertical. If the extent of skin to be removed is less, you can have a mini tummy tuck that leaves a scar below the belly button just a little larger than the typical C-section scar. There will also be a scar around your navel as the belly button is relocated.

Tummy tucks are expensive and there is no insurance cover

The average cost of a tummy tuck, as surveyed in 2015, by the ASAPS Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank is a little less than $6,000. Since it is cosmetic, insurance companies do not cover it. However, if a tummy tuck is required to resolve another medical condition, it may be possible to get a small amount of reimbursement from some insurers. You will need to also take into account additional expenses on account of medical supplies both before and after the surgery.

Simultaneous liposuction may be advised

If the surgeon thinks that performing a tummy tuck can result in an unsightly bump on the hips or loss of shape of the body, he may advise liposuction. The technique is often used by them to contour or reshape the abdominal area to define the body shape better. You will do well to remember that the procedures are distinct so you will need to consider the additional risk, recovery, and cost implications.

You will require assistance at home while recovering

Even though the surgeon will allow you to go home the same day, you will need someone to help you out at home as various activities like standing, walking, sitting up, rolling over in bed or reaching out can be quite uncomfortable. It is also not advisable to lift stuff weighing over 10 lbs. Having someone to assist you can be priceless. It is also important to wear a compression garment while recovering from a tummy tuck because it helps decrease pain and discomfort and also enhances blood circulation.


Tummy tucks are simple but have far-reaching effects. Not only do you feel and look fitter and trimmer, but also stronger and less bloated. Back pain and urinary incontinence may be cured, and you will be more self-assured and confident with your new looks.

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