Six Vegas Shows To Go With Your Grandma

February 12, 2020

Vegas is not just for gambling, although that is one of the main attractions. But what if you want to take your grandmother there and she is not interested in the casinos? Well, you are in luck as Las Vegas is also home to countless shows up, down and near The Strip. A number of them are family-friendly, which means you can take grandma with you. But what shows would be the most appropriate for her? Here is a list of Vegas shows that would be enjoyed by all and in particular, by your grandma:

Mac King Comedy Magic Show At Harrah’s

If your grandmother has a pretty good sense of humor and can handle a bit of twisted comedy weaved in with some classic and incredible magic tricks, this show is a must-see. Mac has put together a show where he not only performs several scary stunts, he will share with you the secrets behind the scare tactics that make those tricks work. If you are more interested in rope and card tricks along with sleight of hand and disappearing animal tricks, Mac has those, too. Grandma may even pick up a tip or two on how to eat ‘goldfish’ for a laugh with friends at the Bridge Club.

Blue Man Group At Luxor

Want to give grandma an experience that will exercise all her senses and get her tapping her toes to the beat of the thumping music? The Blue Man Group has one of the most sensory shows in Vegas. Expect vivid colors, booming sounds, intensive vibrations and a whole lot of shakin’ going on. The production put into this show is amazing and it is as entertaining as it is educational. There’s a fair deal of comedy as well with the BMG curiosity factor turned up on high. Your grandmother will have the time of her life with these anonymous blue dudes.

V – The Ultimate Variety Show At Planet Hollywood

If your goal is to give grandma one of those experiences that resembles an energy drink with a triple shot espresso chaser, then this face-paced show will do it. The 75-minute program does not slow down as the performers move non-stop and it’s a visual treat. You will see skaters, dancers, jugglers, magicians, comedians, and gymnasts. It may sound like an odd combination by the show flows well from front to back. They did not call it the Ultimate Variety Show by accident. This is one show your grandmother will talk about for a good, long time after it is over.

Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theatre At Planet Hollywood

If you and your Grandmother have soft spots for animals, you will not want to miss this one. Popovich is a Moscow Circus School graduate and fifth-generation circus performer so he knows the ring better than most. Add to his knowledge several cute animals and you have a show that will make you laugh and warm your heart. The animals, ranging from cats and dogs to doves, parrots, and other creatures borrowed from the animal world, all play important roles during this program. Some are participants and others are assistants. You have to see it to believe it.

Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream At Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Acclaimed illusionist Xavier Mortimer was once performing with Cirque de Soleil. Then he made history becoming the first former Cirque performer to launch a solo show. This is a show that your grandmother will truly enjoy as it involves a total of fourteen different acts that are tied together with a single storyline. There is a lot more to this performance than magic as there are touches of comedy as well as wonderment which will sweetly touch grandma. For a great time together that she will love you for taking her, this is a great deal more than a magical dream experience.

Mystere At Treasure Island

You cannot take grandma to Vegas and not attend at least one Cirque de Soleil show. As you would expect from any Cirque program, there will be a show filled with amazing activity. Some acrobats will perform gravity-defying poses, hand-to-hand balancing that will make your grandmother reconsider seeing her chiropractor. Mystere is truly a display of mysterious aerial acts that will both amaze and amuse you while you try to figure out exactly how they did it. For a show that grandma will thoroughly enjoy this is one that will keep her guessing how they did it.

More On Vegas Shows For Your Grandmother

Probably the most popular time to venture to Vegas for a show is during spring. This appears to be the time of year when senior tourists prefer to frequent The Strip. The weather is mild and it is not the peak season. Kate Huber, at NJGamblingFun agrees “Before the hot summer weather arrives, there is an influx of seniors visiting Vegas for shows and gambling.” This means that if you are planning a short getaway with grandma, the best time to go it is after the winter weather has passed and springtime is in full swing.

In Conclusion

Looking for a way to fit in some quality alone time with your grandmother? Sometimes the best way to do that is to just get out of town and head to Las Vegas. It is much more than just a gambling town. Vegas is also home to some of the best shows in the world. What better way to have a good time with grandma than to cruise The Strip looking for great shows to attend. The list above will give you some ideas of the type and quality of shows to expect in Vegas. Plus, there are several shows in and around the casinos that are suitable for seniors. The next time you need some “me time” with your grandmother, do not forget to put Vegas on the map of possibilities. Both of you will come home refreshed and entertained as only can happen in Vegas.

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