More Than A Fixer-Upper: The Common Home Problems During The First Year

February 12, 2020
Fixer Upper

One of the most exciting hurdles we all jump over in life is getting a new home. Whether it is our first property, our second, or even our fifth, there can be a tangible excitement to getting somewhere new. Either you plan on renovating a property to sell it on or it’s your forever home. But regardless of the purpose, every home suffers a multitude of issues, especially during the first year. It’s worth keeping an eye out for these common defects.

Roofing And Flashing Problems

This appears to be common with newer builds rather than the older properties. As so many houses are popping up to meet the demand of the growing population many of these properties are built quickly and cheaply. Roofing and flashing problems can become apparent during roof inspections, which is why it’s important to get one done straight away. A lot of the time these problems do not become apparent until the damage is too extensive. When there are leaks from the roof into your attic and the home it is not just going to cause extensive renovations but it could cause health problems as well.

Electrical Hazards

Whether it is an older house or a new one there can be sufficient problems with the electrics. In new homes, wires can be left cut. If they are unsecured, they could spark and cause a fire. And even if the property is inspected by electrical experts there can be issues that occur afterwards. If a coupler disconnects underneath the service panel, this can put stress on the main electrical panel.

Poor Standard Wood Floors

If the property has a basement, engineered wood floor can cause various issues. If the home is a new build, there is potential for the concrete floors to be improperly sealed. This means that moisture could seep into the property causing curl into the wood. As well as this, there can be mold after a while. It is crucial to inspect the property to see if the hardwood flooring has been finished properly. This means that it should be re-sanded and re-varnished. Many builders do not apply the adequate number of coats which causes problems further down the line and could result in you moving out in the short-term.

Small Long-Term Problems

While many problems present themselves during the first year there can be issues that build up over time. For example, small flashing areas that were neglected on the roofs or exterior walls. If these are not addressed, they can cause rotting to the siding and the ceilings. It is also important to look at your piping. If it is an old property you do not know when the last time the piping was inspected. If there is a small leak it is going to be much cheaper to fix it now rather than leave problems accumulate over time.

While a new home is quite an adventure there can be numerous problems that nobody can escape from. If you want to make sure you are happy and healthy in your property you have to address some of these common home problems before they get out of hand (and become too expensive to fix). 

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