How Much A Night In Vegas Would Set You Back

February 12, 2020

Sin city, as Las Vegas is popularly called, is famous for its fun and entertainment spots. The clubs, lounges, casinos, and hotels found in the area are up-class and some of the most famous in the world.

The city is especially known for its nightlife. A night in Vegas can guarantee you fun, no matter how much you would like to spend. Here, you can find some of the luxury, middle-budget, and affordable options to add to your entertainment plans in Las Vegas.   

Luxury Options

For staying in the most luxurious establishments on the Strip, one has to be ready to pay a high cost. If you would like to enjoy the most luxurious places in the city, check out these high-price and high-value locations.

Joel Robuchon

Located in the MGM Grand Hotel, it is one of the best dining places in the country. The restaurant serves an affluent of great meals, with cuisines that are known to blow people’s minds away. This place is definitely one of the must-visit locations for wealthy people in Vegas. 

Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is a gamblers’ paradise, with an exclusive look at sports lovers. The casino has a wall with six 12 x 15 feet screens and a Led board that showcase all the bets being placed in real-time. The casino’s buy-in is no child’s play, and it is flocked with some of the most influential people in the country.

The gaming floor takes up 15,580 square feet and carries out dozens of gambling events at the same time. Caesar’s Palace also features a world-class bar with a luxury menu for casino visitors and hotel residents.


The Marquee is one of the most stylish and well-designed nightclubs in Vegas. Famous for its décor that tends to attract millennials to the establishment, the club has a library-like bar with hundreds of the cocktails on the menu.

Mike Tan, a partner at OnlineCasinoGems, noted, “This specific club is known for its affluent spaces and various dance floors that keep guests entertained. With international DJs playing in the club every other night, Marquee gets its fair share of clients streaming in.”

Lined with floor-to-ceiling glass and an amazing view of the Strip, the club has a remarkable bar that attracts even those who are not much into clubbing. The spaces of the club also act as a day-time conference hall and private meeting space, with even private pools for VIPs. 

Middle-Level Stay in Vegas

Although, visiting Sin City with an average budget may seem a bad idea, it can work out well enough. According to Gambling News Magazine, with a middle-level budget, one can easily spend a night full of entertainment and fun in Las Vegas, watching amazing shows and visiting fantastic places.


Morimoto is one of the best sushi places in Vegas, and among the few that can boast of using premium sorts of fish. It has a legendary sushi chef who receives top-quality seafood directly from Japan.


According to the Telegraph, the popular Jewel nightclub is located in the Aria Hotel on the Strip. It is a high-tech hotel with a sleek, luxurious design.

The unique feature of the Jewel is that it has five VIP lounges that overlook the dance floor below. The club is known to be on everyone’s lips and is still quite comfortable, even though it is usually crowded.

The Venetian and Palazzo

According to Gamblers Daily Digest, the two casinos were originally thought off as different entities. However, they are now conjoined under the Canyon Ranch Spa Club.

This place offers a range of services, from spa treats to massages. The spa is the only location that provides an Aquavana experience on the Las Vegas Strip. 

The casino is quite magnificent and attracts hundreds of clients daily, thanks to the number of games played and the professional attitude of the staff. The building also offers a range of fitness classes, a salon, and a barbershop for its guests.

Affordable Options For A Night in Vegas

Vegas welcomes everyone, and any person can find an affordable place to spend a night in Vegas. Even with a strict budget, one can enjoy time in Sin City, with pretty cheap establishments within the Strip. 

The Golden Steer

It is the best classic steakhouse in Vegas and also happens to be among the oldest establishments of its kind. The Golden Steer attracts people all day long and has grown to be quite the hotspot.

Many tourists visit this place to have delicious meals at affordable prices. The extensive menu allows for finding the most delicious dish according to one’s preferences.

Circus Circus                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

According to CNN, Circus Circus is a casino place that was built for big companies. It is an ideal place for a couple of friends or family to have fun, even on a budget.

Circus Circus has a five-acre indoor land that is laced with carnival games, bumper cars, roller coasters, and a carousel with a video arcade. A waterpark located within the establishment features a slide tower that beats all those of other aqua parks within the city.

The casino also offers free lessons to beginners who are interested in learning how to gamble. It is a great place to enjoy some games in a relaxed atmosphere. The buy-in is not high, and even if you have little to no experience in gambling, you are guaranteed to have fun there.


The Chateau draws in quite a crowd, which, in turn, makes it out to be one of the busiest clubs in Vegas. Although, it does not bring in international DJs, like its pricier competitors, the place is known for its exceptional architecture and affordable drinks. Designed with towers, the replica of the Eiffel tower, and a rooftop patio with a view on the Strip, Chateau is trendy even among the locals.

Final Thoughts

A night in Vegas can become a perfect treat for anyone. The misconception most people have is that you need a lot of money to have fun in Vegas. However, it is possible to find entertainment and a place to stay according to your budget and enjoy Las Vegas.

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