Style Wise: Budget Fashion Hacks To Look Like Your Favorite Fashionista

May 2, 2017

Every girl wants to look as stylish as the Fashionistas of today. But how can she look stylish with limited funds? You can look chic, trendy, and well-dressed in one world — fashionably fabulous — and you can do it without busting your wallet. The following genius budget fashion hacks will do the trick for you:

#1: Invest Wisely; Buy Classics

Sure, you may want to keep up with the latest trends, but in the long run, that will not do any good for your closet. When shopping, be picky when choosing trendy clothes.

Denim Jeans

A classic every girl should have a pair of denim jeans that fit like a second skin. Take, for example, a pair of Levi’s dark wash jeans with a boot cut. Paired with black heels, they create a chic look perfect for a function that requires sass and class. You can look both classic and stunning.

You can try the straight leg jeans, skinnies, and even flares. The important thing is that the jeans fit regardless of the cut. The best thing about jeans is that you can dress them down or up depending on both your mood and where you are going.

The jeans you should avoid are the faded, distressed ones. Before long, they will become the jeans of yesterday. For a classic and timeless pair of jeans, choose dark denim. If being on a budget is not an issue for you, consider buying jeans from one of the most expensive jeans brands in the word.

The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a wardrobe essential and one of the best budget fashion hacks every girl should have. You can wear it to dinners, weddings, work meetings, or parties. Black is a perfect color for the budget minded person, since it does not show any imperfections.

A silk scarf coupled with heels will dress your little black dress up. If you want to dress it down, a cardigan along with flats will do the trick. With addition or removal of accessories, you can go from the office to an evening party wearing the little black dress. A woman usually wants to stand out when wearing a little black dress up.

#2: Purchase An Item For What It Is Intended

Most people buy a robe for comfort. This is not the time to want to be a Fashionista. This is the time for rest and relaxation. Hotels and spas know this, and this is why the most luxurious supply them.

What every woman wants in a robe is warmth when relaxing at home or in a hotel room at the Holiday Inn Resort, Wrightsville Beach. The perfect robe for this is one of the waffle robes for women.

#3: Stretch Your Wardrobe With Accessories

Accessories to dress up or down your dresses, pants, skirts, blouses, and sweaters.

  • Shoes: Shoes can provide style and/or contrasting color. Sandals, sling-back sandals, ballet slipper flats, or pumps are all classic evening shoes that will dress up your outfits nicely. Add a bit of excitement by wearing bright colored shoes.
  • Jewelry: Wear your favorite jewelry pieces to highlight your outfit. For a dressy look, add a necklace that follows the neckline style of your dress, sweater, or blouse. Style your hair into an up-do to show off a pair of daring earrings for evenings. Sparkling costume jewelry is also a perfect touch for evening wear. Pearls can dress up a shift-style black dress. Add white satin gloves for an Audrey Hepburn look.
  • Belt: A chic contrasting feature can be the addition of a belt provided that the belt style goes well with the style of your dress, pants, or shirt. Choose the best color, glamor, texture, or pattern belt for finishing off the look of your ensemble. For evenings sparkling belts will add glamour and casual leather type belts are good for dressing down.
  • Bag: Your handbag for the evening should be treated as a part of your overall dressy look. It does not have to match your other accessories or shoes, but it should blend with your overall color scheme whether your outfit is dressy or casual. For evenings, a discreet and lovely look can be created with a small clutch bag with a sparkling or dazzling color. When dressing casual, a faux leather tote, hobo, satchel, or cross-body handbag will finish off your get-up perfectly.

#4: Mixing And Matching

Stop and think before purchasing a wardrobe item. Will it match something you at present own? Your wardrobe will go farther if you are able to mix and match different items. For instance, if you are about to purchase a casual, crew neck mini dress ask, “Do I have a necklace, handbag, or shoes to go with the dress?” If not, do not buy it. You do not want to spend your cash for the accessories to go with the dress.

#5: Vary Your Wardrobe With Layers

Add a blazer, faux leather, or fur jacket, which can vary the style of a dress, pants ensemble, jeans, or skirt get-up. These basics will make layering so much easier.

You may enjoy shopping till you drop, but if staying on a budget is one of your ambitions, shopping till you drop is not advisable. There is a way you can look like a Fashionista every day. In order to reach your goal, try any or all of the above budget fashion hacks!

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