Investing In Vacation Rental Property In North Nicaragua

July 27, 2022

Investors looking for an affordable, tropical location with many water activities need to consider Nicaragua. Nicaragua has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, including sandy beaches, tall cliffs, and lush jungles. Often overlooked because of its location in Central America, Nicaragua is a hidden gem filled with possibilities. Continue reading for reasons to consider investing in a vacation rental property in North Nicaragua.

Low Cost Of Living

Investors will find homes in Nicaragua are very inexpensive. Homeowners can live in an oceanfront home and eat fresh seafood every day very inexpensively. Many people are choosing to retire in Nicaragua because of this. Purchasing a vacation rental property can be quite lucrative for investors willing to purchase a property and rent it out when they are not using it.

Homeowners who decide that they no longer want to own a property or a home in Nicaragua will not have trouble selling the property. If they have kept the property in good condition and added a few upgrades, they will even make a profit when selling.

Things To Do In Nicaragua

The beaches of Nicaragua are beautiful. Residents can water ski, surf, boat, dive, or sunbathe. Simple walks on the beach are beautiful and easily accessible in Nicaragua. Whether residents want to enjoy romantic dinners or exciting adventures, there is access to all of it.

Surfing In Nicaragua

Nicaragua has over three hundred days a year with off-shore winds, small crowds, and 80-degree water temperatures. It should be on the list of surf trip destinations. Surfing in Nicaragua is ideal for beginners or more advanced surfers. The best time to go surfing is in the green season, which is mid-May through mid-November. This green season is when the Pacific coast gets the biggest swells and best surf.

Best Known Breaks

Playa Colorado has shoulder-high surf to overhead stand-up barrels. It has a heavy break, so be sure to bring an extra board in the event that one gets carried away by the water. Panga Drops are only fifteen minutes from Playa Colorado and have a similar shape. There are surf camps right in front of the break there. Playgrounds is a playground for surfers. It is full of fun waves breaking over the cobblestone ocean seafloor. It is usually only accessed by a boat, and there is not much near it.

Other Water Activities

Nicaragua is a fisherman’s dream, too. Deep sea fishing and inshore fishing will yield a variety of fish and fun excursions for the whole family. Nicaragua is also a fantastic place for snorkeling. Snorkelers can see beautiful marine life as well as breathtaking landscapes. Night snorkeling, tubing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing are also great activities to participate in while in Nicaragua.


Families, retirees, and backpackers love hiking in Nicaragua. It contains natural beauty and friendly people. There are many opportunities to wander off the common paths, talk with locals, and avoid tourists. Nicaragua is a large country, and it would take several months to see it all.

Nicaragua is an ideal location for a vacation home, second home, or retirement home. It is a sound investment as well. Visit Nicaragua to snorkel, scuba dive, fish, surf, or relax with a good book. The country is less expensive, but more beautiful than you ever imagined.

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