Top Home Decorating Secrets

March 29, 2018

Have you ever wondered about the secret decorating tips the pros swear by? If so, you will definitely want to keep reading. Here, we thought it would be useful to share with you some of our top tips and tricks for decorating your home:

Set The Tone Of Your Home With Your Front Door

If you are looking for your home to make a fantastic first impression to any visitors, why not paint your front door a warm and inviting glossy hue? In recent years, both orange and yellow are gaining favor.

Start Off With A Color Scheme

If you are thinking about a head-to-toe makeover, one of the first steps will be creating a colour palette. Also, do not limit yourself to one simple color scheme. It is important that you use different colors to express your personality.

While it is great to experiment with color, sticking to minimalist colors like grey or beige — particularly on the first floor — will help give your home a flow. Opting for neutral walls will provide you with the highest amount of design flexibility, which means you will be able to easily switch up your accessories over time if you are looking for a refresh.

Fake Height With Low Furniture

This is a top tip from the interior decorating pros. It is important for you to create strong verticals and avoid creating horizontal levels. One of the easiest ways to add height to a room is to keep your sofas and living room furniture low-slung, which will help to create the illusion of height. You can find collections of low slung sofas and living room furniture online, so have a browse and see which styles suit your room’s design. You can also add scale to a room by using large mirrors.

Give Your Window Trims A Splash Of Color

A window-trim is often overlooked when it comes to making a color statement in any room. If your design tastes are a little on the eclectic side, then this can be a fantastic and easy way to add a pop of color to any room.

Put Investment Pieces Front And Center

If you love one of your investment pieces, make sure to put it on display. If you have antiques or unique finds, then use them to add a story to the rooms in your home.

Use Mirrors To Create A Sense Of Space

Mirrors can immediately help to make a space feel brighter, as they bound light around the room. If you opt to place mirrors on walls perpendicular to windows, this will help to create a sense of space.

Scale Artwork To Your Wall

It is always worth remembering that the middle of any picture should hang at eye level. It is also important that you take into account the scale of a room. If you are working with a large wall, go big with either one oversized piece or a group of smaller pieces.

Give Outdated Features The Cinderella Treatment

If you are working with outdated fixtures or fittings, make sure to visit Antiques Boutique, where you can find incredible antique furniture. You can always then choose to reinvent what you buy with either inexpensive refinishing kits or spray paint. Even outdated kitchen cabinets can look brand-new after a lick of paint.

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