Your First Family Move

April 10, 2018

Your first move is an exciting and scary time, but bring a family into this and things just get flipped upside down. Having to move when you have your own little brood can become really stressful. There is so many things you have to sort, but then you also have the hassle of having to make sure your children are happy and ok during the move. It is important to remember that a move can be really stressful for a child, especially if it involves things like moving school or moving to a completely new area away from friends and family. So, if you are looking to make your move a little easier for everyone involved, here is how you can actually enjoy your first family move:

Get The Family Sorted

Family should always be your number one priority, and no matter how old your children are, you should always make sure they are sorted first. Just like it is stressful for you, it is really stressful for them too. Make sure you are covering all angles to take the stress away from you. It could be asking a family member to babysit for the night or even an entire day to allow you to get things sorted or it could be to make sure you are involving them with the move as much as you can. If you are moving with older children they are a bit more aware of what is going on and the extra pair of hands could be great for things such as packing and moving boxes. If you do find that younger children are getting stressed with the whole ordeal, make sure you are finding the time to actually sit and have 1 to 1 time with them. It could just be the lack of attention they are getting from you that is making them extra cranky. A couple hours of fun a day could sort that right out.

Manage The Move

Managing your first family move is not going to be easy, but there are a few steps that you should follow if you want it to go as smoothly as possible. First you need to find a reputable company, such as local moving services to get your belongings from A to B safely and quickly. The last thing you are going to need is delays, especially when children are involved. The more things you prepare beforehand, the better off the entire move is going to be. If needs be, you can get family involved to help speed up the process and if things were to hit a brick wall and you needed somewhere to store your belongings, family could help out or if not you could try local storage companies to see what offers they have.

Get The Location Right

Location is everything, especially when there are children involved. If they are younger children who are about to embark on their school life, you need to make sure the schools in your chosen area are to an excellent standard. You also want to investigate things such as the crime rate and how that might affect your lifestyle in your new area. Finally, you want to make sure there is plenty to do for both yourselves and either older or younger children. The last thing you want to do is send your kids out in the sticks somewhere where they just will not be happy. Unless of course that is what they are already used it, then it will make no difference. Think about things such as shops, diners, and bars for when they get older etc.

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