Bookshelves That Make You Look Sophisticated And Smart

April 24, 2018

A bookshelf adds a compelling dimension to any living room. It is a place where you can show off your taste, style, and collections. They are not just made for books, either. You can easily turn any bookshelf into the perfect place to display family photos, seasonal decorations, collections, and more. Decorating your bookshelf should be an exercise is expressing your personality and sophistication. Do not be afraid to let your sense of style shine when you are picking out a bookshelf and deciding how to accentuate it.

There are plenty of ways you can decorate a bookshelf to match your personality and your living room. One trick you can use to make sure any bookshelf fits your living is to paint it to match the color of your walls, giving it all a unified look. Color-coded books are another way to create a stunning visual effect in your living room. If you usually place your TV on a bookshelf, you can also use a panel to hide it when you are not watching. At dinner parties, a blank TV screen can turn into a black hole of attention that is easily covered up with a tasteful panel.

For book lovers, finding a way to organize your bookshelves and contain the chaos is the only way to bring some peace and order to your living room. Arranging books by color is always visually attractive but not for everyone. If you are struggling to find room, stop doubling up books or stacking them on top of each other. It is time to get a new bookshelf to store your bookstore finds. You can also separate books you bought old and new to give your shelves a more appealing look.

Where do you start when it is time to bring in a new bookshelf? There are more styles than you might expect and it all depends on what you want to do.

For the collector with a million decorations to show off, a barrister bookcase puts everything safely behind glass doors. They are also solidly built, so they are great if you have kids or pets who could knock everything to the floor with one wrong move. If you are not worried about things getting bumped or broken, an etagere bookcase is an elegant and unique design that will really make a statement in your living room. An etagere is designed for displaying pictures, vases, thomas blackshear jamboree parade collectibles, and other decorations. It is all open, though, so it is not ideal if you have young kids, rambunctious dogs, or a cat who is not worried about what she breaks when she finds a new place to sit. 

In a similar vein, leaning bookcases can be used for both storage and display, as some come with drawers at the bottom. Others have a ladder-like look that adds movement and dynamism to your living room furniture. Ideal for plants, throw pillows, and pictures.

For the booklover, nothing is better than a classic wood bookshelf to store all your literary treasures. There are so many different finish options, including cherry, oak, and espresso, you can find the one that fits your mood.

A bookshelf speaks volumes about your tastes and personality. Get one that is an accurate reflection of your style and design it to your heart’s delight.SaveSave

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