Mold Removal Vs. Remediation: What Is The Difference

May 2, 2018

Well, when talking about mold removal that means killing the mold (you cannot guarantee to kill the molds), but that does not necessarily imply the stain of the mold disappears. With mold remediation you eradicate the mold, for example, if a wall is infested, you have the wall taken out and replaced with a new one, or you go to the cause of why the mold started and stopped it from infecting your home.

When do you opt for remediation rather than removal? Well, mold removal is the least inexpensive way to treat molds in your home. However, it does not entirely disappear, chances are once your home has been assessed by a professional and they found out that the cause of the mold started somewhere where there is a leaky pipe then you need to change the leaky pipe and other affected areas. Now, this might be more of remediation and this could be quite expensive.

Here are a few signs that you need to have your home remediated:

Where There Is Water: Since molds thrive in moisture, once you have noticed that an area has moisture, chances are you will see whether molds have penetrated the area. If it has just started, make sure to wipe it dry to stop the infestation.

Discoloration: Once molds occur you will notice that the area that has been affected changes in color. You need to act fast and try to eliminate it.

Musty Odor: Have you ever noticed when going in an enclosed room with no ventilation you smell a particular odor that smells like old or moldy. A good indication that molds are existing already and you need to act fast for it not to spread throughout your home.

Health: Once molds exist chances are they tend to affect the air within your home, which could cause health issues mainly the respiratory system of your family. Molds cause allergies in the body which could be quite harmful to anyone with a weak immune system.  The ones who are most affected are usually young children since they spend most of their time indoors.

Statistics have shown that ten states in the country are prone to mold problems. The following are:

  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Nevada
  • Arizona
  • California
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Kansas

If you are in one of these states then most likely you would be familiar with molds and it is not the climate that is causing it. The way the homes are built, it causes condensation to occur. It is the same with the way the modern buildings are made, with the use of current practices and materials that are causing these problems to happen.

Why do we need mold remediation?  We need it to keep a healthy home. Molds affect everyone who comes across it. Exposure to mold can have a lifelong effect on one’s health. Although you cannot get rid of molds or eradicate it, you can learn to prevent it from growing or increasing its infestation inside your homes. It would be best to look for professional help to get rid of these molds.

The following are a few tips in choosing the top mold remediation company for you.

Check if the company is licensed to do this job. There is particular training and certification that a company needs to be qualified to handle the situation. Do thorough research on the companies you want to hire. A great mold removal company to look at would be Precision Mold Removal – Top Mold Removal Company.

Ask and talk to some of their customer’s to find out how they handled the job or you may want to get a referral from family or friends who have experienced their service. You can also ask from insurance companies they will refer some to you.

Research on the companies referred to you. Check their websites and reviews they are getting from their previous customers.

Inquire and make sure you see the papers if they are covered by general liability insurance just in case during the repair process damage may occur.

Ask for a guarantee policy and if part of the cleaning process they repair the damage that they have caused and clean it as well. Other companies leave you with taking care of repairing the damage.

Ask for an assessment, this way you can gauge the company that you intend to hire. Especially with the way they explain the processes to you and what it entails. It should be simple and easy for you to understand.

Ask for a quote and compare prices. You can check running current rates with the kind of job you want to be done and choose the one that is best suited to do the job for you.

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