Seven Tips To Declutter Your Life

May 10, 2018

It seems to be a common theme in the modern age that people’s homes have way too much stuff. In fact, it has gotten so bad that there is a specific word for it: clutter. Although it varies from person to person, very few people would likely say that they are perfectly happy with how their home looks and that they do not have anything that is extraneous.

It is nice to know that all of the stuff that you have accumulated over the years is organized and in its place. In fact, people generally feel more relaxed and at ease in a clean, well-organized home. Listed below are seven of some of the best ways for you to de-clutter your life.

  1. Set Specific Goals

As the old adage goes, those who fail to plan can plan to fail. If you do not have any specific goals, such as “The top of the kitchen table needs to be visible to the naked eye,” then you are doomed to putter out shortly after you begin. Before you touch anything, make sure that you have a concrete plan of attack.

Write down on a piece of paper the rooms that you want to clean, the order in which you plan to clean them, and completion dates that you want to be done by. Even if you mess with any of those items, you can hold yourself accountable by what you wrote down on that piece of paper. 

  1. Designate A “Maybe” Container

If, while cleaning, you really cannot bring yourself to get rid of a particular thing, get a box, plastic bin, or some kind of container to put all of it in. Using a marker, write down the date of that cleaning on the container and give it a few months. If, after that time frame, there are items in the box that you have not been able to use, go ahead and get rid of it. 

  1. Get Rid Of Your Junk

However, there really should not be that much stuff in your “maybe” container. Go through your stuff mercilessly. If you decide to go through it in passes, make your first pass the most severe. Ask yourself if you are going to use a particular item within a week. If the answer is no, it goes, waiting until the next pass. For the next pass, ask yourself if you plan to use the item in a month. Again, if the answer is no, away it goes. Three passes should likely be the most that you should use. Otherwise, you are going to start asking yourself if you plan to use something ever, and, of course, there is no good answer to that question. 

  1. Try To Find A More Efficient Use Of Space In Your Home 

This one is more in regard to furniture. Do you have too many pieces of furniture? See if you cannot make one piece last for two. This could mean that you need to invest in multifaceted furniture, but so long as you get rid of the ones that it replaces, you should be fine.

  1. Bring Friends To Help

Not only does bringing your friends to help fun, they can also help provide an outside perspective for you. For example, if you are cleaning out your wardrobe, they can tell you if an article of clothing is flattering or if they have never seen you wear it. Listen carefully to what they have to say. 

  1. Simplify Your Finances

This is another big one. If you have a lot of credit and debit cards that you are throwing around, that can add up to a lot of debt, and it definitely adds up the paperwork. Try to reduce the amount of debt you have and consolidate your finances. It creates a less-crazy space for you to manage. If you have a bad credit and want more stability in the future, check out Crediful for help regarding your finances.

  1. Recycle And Reuse

Are there some things that you just cannot bring yourself to get rid of? Put your brain to work and try to think of ways that you can alter its purpose to better suit you. For example, suppose you have a really old table that you want to rid yourself of, but you have some younger children who are just getting to the age of making art. Instead of throwing the dining table away, attempt to turn it into an arts-and-crafts table that the children can get dirty.

And Relax

Do not forget that the whole reason that you started this project was to become less stressed. You wanted to relax more without worrying about all of the stuff. So, have fun with the process, invite friends, and have a great time!

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