All You Need To Know About Your Bridesmaids Gifts And How To Shop For The Very Best

May 12, 2018

Planning your wedding can be very tiring.  Ask anyone who has had a wedding and they will tell you; it’s a crazy time to try and get everything in order for the big day.  Many people will hire a wedding planner for this one reason; that they don’t forget some very important details like their bridesmaids.

Your bridesmaids are chosen by you because they are your closest friends. To forget them throughout the busy season only to expect them to show up on the wedding morning ready to support you is not just bad, but very bad.

Having your girlfriends agree to stand and walk with you on your single and married journey is a blessing that should not be taken for granted. This should be rewarded with time as well as a small token of appreciation.

With the wedding preparation, finances may already be straining you, but don’t worry. You can spend little and still bring so much gladness to your girls. How do you do that?

Questions to help you come up with the best gift for your girls

  • What are good bridesmaids’ gifts? – The market is overflowing with different kinds of gifts for bridesmaids. It is your work, maybe with the help of a wedding planner, to search through the different kinds of gifts and come up with a really cool affordable gift. Most modern women today want to celebrate the day before the wedding with their girls. A bridal robe is one of the best gifts to rock for this indoor hangout or the morning before the wedding for a photo shoot and makeup. This is a great gift as it can be used beyond the wedding day.
  • What is your overall budget? – From your wedding budget, have you included your girl’s gifts? If you are already overwhelmed by the big budget, don’t be under pressure to drop these gifts. Simply go for something small yet personal. For a bigger budget, a personalized shirt or tank top can be a good take-home for each girl. Look out for cheaper stores that are having sales and see what you can buy from there. Not all sales have poor quality stuff; some have the best at low prices.
  • Is the gift well thought-out? – You may not know everything about your bridesmaids but sure enough, you know something about them; like their favorite color. Giving enough thought to each gift before buying it is vital to touch a special place in their heart. Even if you settle on the same gift for all of them, you can try and touch on their special colors in order to give them an identity in that gift.  Regardless of how much you choose to spend, your girls will appreciate the personal, well-thought-out gift more than anything else.

What are they spending on you? – If each girl is spending hundreds of dollars to make their own dress and pay for their makeup or hairdo, it would be important to honor them by getting them something special. This will make them feel honored in a special way they were not expecting.

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