Vital Things To Look For When Choosing A Local Church To Fellowship With

May 12, 2018

Church — the body of Christ — is a group of two or three Christians meeting in a house or a big group of hundreds or thousands of believers meeting in a beautiful sanctuary. The Bible in Mathew 18:19-20 promises the presence of God every time believers gather together in church.

Why Is Church Membership Important?

This is a vital question that most have battled with for a long time. The thought of joining one church and staying committed to it for the rest of your life is not easily received. However, it is highly essential for your spiritual growth to be in fellowship with other believers.

You should not live in isolation from the rest of the body of Christ. Instead, you should be united; sharing your gifts and wisdom for the benefit of everyone. The church is meant to become your second family apart from your normal one.  Worship brings your voices and spirits together in praise. Hearing the Word of God from the pulpit also feeds you scripturally and spiritually, raising you up to be a strong Christian. 

The congregational prayer encourages every member to share their burdens while drawing strength and support from other members of the local church. Carrying each other’s burdens is encouraged so that in this way, the law of love is fulfilled. 

From the burdens shared, there will come out testimonies that are great to share and tell of the wonderful work that God is doing in your life and the lives of every other member. These testimonies strengthen your faith to keep walking with God and with others.   

Surely, all this goodness cannot be experienced in our lives if we are not connected one to another in the body of Christ. The much that can be accomplished while living in isolation is discouragement, giving up and living an undesirable life that no one wants.

How Do You Find A Local Church That Is Best For You?

There are many churches around where you live and the challenge for many people remains how to find the right one. Finding a church that is right for you and your family is one of the hardest decisions yet one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Look out for the following important features in a great church.

  • Fellowship: Churches like Church Sherman TX are active and have mid-week fellowships that are on fire and help you stay on fire. Other opportunities for fellowship are available through upcoming events according to the church’s calendar. These fellowships should involve children, youth, as well as adults so that everyone feels included and loved.   
  • Leadership: All leaders in the church should demonstrate a lifestyle that is worthy of honor from their congregation. They should know God and believe in Him, as well as follow Him to set an example.   
  • Ministry: This is to give room for all the members to become useful in the house of God. As you are served, learn to serve others both with their personal and spiritual needs. This brings about realization of giftings that you did not even know you possessed.  
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