Four Helpful Tips To Guide You In Your Spiritual Journey

November 17, 2021

Our spiritual lives are an important aspect of us as humans that need to be nurtured and taken care of too, just as much as our physical health. Your spiritual journey, walking with God, is an endless one that will likely see ups and downs throughout your life. When you are in a difficult phase, it might feel like you will never get out of it.

However, there is always a way to pull yourself out of a rut and feel closer to God again. Here are a few tips to guide you on your journey with the Lord.

Lean On Him

Oftentimes, people going through struggles and difficulties in their personal lives, feel distant from God. It is easy to feel that you are alone when you are struggling and nothing is going your way. This is when it becomes the most important to lean on God. 

Remind yourself that He is walking with you on whatever journey you might be on and that He has not forsaken you. When you are feeling weak, you might want to rely on daily devotional readings or “I am” affirmations to remind yourself of who God already knows you are.

Study Your Bible

Your Bible is what you might consider a manual for life and its troubles. Reading and meditating on God’s word using Inductive Bible study method will only bring you closer to Him and help you to find peace in your heart. The Bible is full of life lessons, guidance, support and reminders that might help you feel better about certain situations. Studying the Bible in depth will help you to achieve a greater understanding of God and his plans for your life.

Join A Church

A spiritual journey is an extremely personal one. However, fellowship is a crucial aspect of spiritual growth and finding a feeling of belonging in your religion. Choosing the best church for you might take some trial and error — nobody can fit in everywhere — but once you find your place, it will be worth it.

If you do not feel ready to join a church, or you are struggling to find one suitable for you, you might consider creating your own Bible study group instead. Gathering together with a few people you know and trust to read and meditate on the Bible and learn other perspectives and stories can help you grow spiritually in many ways. 

You’ll have the opportunity to share your experience with others and follow your religious leaders in the right church, which will in its turn increase your sense of belonging. Besides, there are many customized programs in churches, which are full of interactive content to make the process of learning easier and more organized. Another way to learn with a group that is also common is ministry games for youth groups, which include games played both by a few people and by the whole group, as well as screen games, which provide more fun and engaging way of learning.

Serve Others

Becoming more like Jesus is a cornerstone of Christianity. You can do this by simply being kind to those around you and helping out where you can, but it is important to actively seek out areas in your life where you can best serve others with purpose and intention.

You might be a parent or teacher, volunteer at a charity, work at a church or serve in any other way that feels like your calling. Giving parts of yourself to others is a crucial part of spiritual growth and living up to the calling and purpose that God has given to your life.

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