How To Find Pet-Friendly Cabins For Your Vacation In Gatlinburg

November 17, 2021

Are you looking to head into the mountains, forget your worries, and go for a few mind-clearing walks in the forest? If so, Gatlinburg is your destination! Not only does Gatlinburg have everything that you could want in a quintessential mountain resort town, like quaint shops, bars, restaurants, ski slopes in the winter, and water activities in the summer, but you can also rest assured this is somewhere everyone in your family will love to visit. 

And yes, we mean pets too! Gatlinburg is one of the best locations you can choose if you are bringing your outdoor-loving pet — after all, there are plenty of green spaces, forests, trails, and private property that you can rent so your pet can have a great vacation just like you. Located right on the border of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where you can hike on the Blue Ridge Mountains, Gatlinburg is an outdoor-lover town.

Let us see how you can find the best pet friendly cabins Gatlinburg for your next holiday here and why Gatlinburg is a step above the rest. 

Read reviews on cabins

One of the best ways that you can find a pet-friendly cabin is to read reviews from past travelers who have stayed in accommodation in Gatlinburg. Make sure you read both the positive and negative reviews, as this can give you the best comprehensive picture of what the place was really like. Make sure you look at various locations to see which ones are best for your needs — look at cabins that are in the town center, on the mountainside, and in Gatlinburg suburbs to check out the size of the cabin, the private property attached to the cabin, and the proximity of the accommodation to shops and stores. 

Check restrictions for your pet

The next item on the checklist that you need to tick off is seeing what restrictions are in place for a specific animal and dog breeds. In some cases, you may find that your pitbull is not allowed at the accommodation — this can be due to notions about the specific dog breed, weight restrictions, and big-dog size limits. In other situations, it can be the opposite — some rental property owners do not allow little dogs in their rental properties due to loud yapping from smaller pups. Make sure you check out the restrictions before you book the cabin for your vacation!

Unsure? Call the place in advance!

The last bit of advice that we have for finding the best pet friendly cabin in Gatlinburg is calling ahead of time to confirm what you have found online. If the rules and restrictions are not clear or you have a unique pet that will not fall under the scope of the restrictions and rules you may need to call the property owner to see what they say on an individual basis. In some cases, if you have a unique pet like a rabbit, parrot, or small bird, you can get away with bringing your animal with you on vacation! 


Looking for pet friendly cabins in Gatlinburg? We do not blame you! This beautiful and nature-friendly mountain resort in Tennessee is the ideal spot to escape from the city, get outside, and breathe some fresh air. Find pet friendly cabins in Gatlinburg by reading online reviews, looking online, contacting the owner, and checking any pet restrictions. 

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