Planning The Best Orlando Vacation

May 15, 2018

As fun as vacations are, putting one together can be quite the hassle. There are a number of reasons why, but in some cases, you could be suffering from an overload of options. This is especially the case in a city like Orlando. Yes, you want to hit up the theme parks with the kids, but when should you go? What parks are the best for what age range? How do you beat the crowds? Between this, budgeting, packing, and more, you might need a vacation from planning your vacation!

Take a deep breath, because we are here to help. Breaking down your plan into a few smaller plans is a good start, letting you focus instead of getting overwhelmed. Here are some of the various things you will want to keep in mind while setting up your ideal Orlando vacation:

What Should I Pack?

Packing may seem like something you slog through rather than plan for, but as you find out, there are a few decisions you can make at this stage that can pay off later on. For one, even though Orlando is associated with the sun, depending on when you travel, you may want to vary up your clothes. For example, during the winter, temperatures may change day-to-day. Do not be afraid to add a few long-sleeved items to your wardrobe. With rain always a possibility, even if you feel a little silly with a travel poncho or travel umbrella with you, you may get the last laugh when it starts to pour.

By the same token, many attractions in Orlando, the theme parks included, make for a lot of walking. Comfortable socks and sneakers are a must if you plan on getting the most out of Orlando’s signature sights. The city also has many toll roads, so think ahead and get some small bills to use if you are renting a car.

What Should I Do?

At the theme parks, do not make the mistake of trying to do everything at once. Not only will you be more focused on checking things off your list than enjoying them, you are bound to tire yourself out. As a bit of a tip, the theme parks are least active during the early mornings and the late evenings. Try to plan your trip accordingly. In fact, if you want to spend the entire day in one park, it may not be a bad idea to go back to your hotel for a nap during the hectic midday, if that is an option for you. If you are traveling with the kids, it will pay off if you figure out what rides or shows they absolutely must see before you visit the park. This allows you to make sure that you hit those spots at the ideal times for the shortest lines and smallest hassles.

At the same time, do not fall into the pit of thinking that theme parks are all there is to Orlando. If you want to get active in a whole different way, there are tons of activities from hiking to cycling to jet skiing, and many other forms of recreation. Another smart thing to do is have at least one rainy-day activity backup that you can enjoy indoors. A great family option is the Kennedy Space Center. While you may need a rental car to get there, this tribute to the American space program has enough content for you to enjoy your entire day without getting wet.

Where Should I Stay?

A major part of your trip is your accommodations. It is tempting to brush this off at first. After all, are you going to be outside most of the time? Well, if you book a place far from the attractions, you lose time traveling, when you could be having fun. If you have a large group, good luck getting a night’s sleep if you’re piled on top of each other. And of course, there is the famed fluctuating Orlando weather. If you are bound inside for the day, you are going to want to stay somewhere where there are still plenty of things to do.

The best option is to stay in a hotel in DisneyworldTo give you an idea, these accommodations are not only close to all the major theme parks, but also a whole other selection of fun options. Many resorts have amenities including swimming pools, minigolf, marinas, and more. You can also get affordable rates, as well as villas and suites for those with larger groups.

With the combination of a strong itinerary and a great home base to travel from, you will be all ready for an Orlando vacation you and your loved ones will never forget!

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