Top Five Things To Do In St. Barts

May 15, 2018

St. Barts is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean and hundreds of tourists come to this island every year. Considering the size of the island, you may think that it does  not have much to offer, but you could not be more wrong. The beaches of St. Barts are lined with picture perfect white sand that make any day postcard perfect. Moreover, the capital city has all sorts of modern, fun places to visit. Here are the top five things you can do in St. Barts to get the most out of your vacations:

Hiking On Flamands Beach

Travelers looking for a quiet, wide beach will love Flamands. The beach offers a little shade under palm trees, which is rare on St. Barts, and its home to plenty of restaurants and facilities. If you want to spend a quiet afternoon reading your favorite book, then this beach is your spot. However, if you are feeling particularly energetic, you can hike up the surrounding mountains in search of an ancient, dormant volcano that many believe formed the island. The mountains are covered with verdant trees and exotic plants and the hike is semi-strenuous.

Enjoy The St. Barts Film Festival

The Caribbean is a common vacation destination for Hollywood stars. St. Barts pays homage to its A-list clientele with a film festival every year. More famously known as the Cinéma Caraïbe, this event brings together top actors, directors, filmmakers, and screenwriters and honors French, American, and independent films. If you want to see celebrities and watch some of the best movies of the year, you do not want to miss this film festival.

Get A Taste Of The Past

The capital city of St. Barts, Gustavia, is the home to numerous historical places and buildings. You can check out French culture, architecture, and shops all day, every day. The English, French, and Caribbean architectural influence continues throughout multiple St. Barts Villas. In addition to the historical places, Gustavia offers modern buildings made with the finest materials and designs.

Take Part In Water Sports At Grand Cul De Sac

In addition to its secluded beaches, St. Barts has a lot of fun activities to offer to its visitors. One of which is the waters sports at Grand Cul de Sac Beach. The beach has all the necessary facilities required for water sports, such as windsurfing, sea canoes, yacht sailing, snorkeling, etc. You can rent the equipment and enjoy your time at the beach. You can also stroll along the coast of Anse de Marigot and enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean sunset.

Eat at Maya’s

There is no limit to food joints and restaurants on St. Barts. However, few of them can match the perfection that is Maya’s. It is one of the oldest and consequently most popular restaurants on the island. You can eat the most delicious meals of your life at this restaurant, which are cooked with a variety of spices from the Caribbean and France. Just make sure to reserve a booth before showing up at the restaurant, since it is always jam-packed with tourists.

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