5 Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid in Your Child Custody Case

May 16, 2018

Parents involved in any child custody disputes are usually faced with tough decisions regarding what is best for their kids. These decisions can even be more challenging when one parent does not agree with the other about the best custody solution for the family. Even though parents want to do the best for their children, there some things that they do that may negatively affect their chances of getting custody. Here are five common mistakes that you should avoid when faced with child custody disputes.

Never forget to pay your child support

If you have been ordered to pay child support by the courts, make sure that you pay it dutifully. If you have financial problems that prevent you from paying, for example, job loss, you should immediately file a motion with the courts and bring this to the attention of the judge. The court can reduce your support and allow you to get back on your feet. If you fail to pay for child support without the approval of the court, your spouse can go to court and limit your custody or visitation.

Watch your behavior

Most people tend to lose their cool because of the stress and pressure involved in a custody battle. Sudden outbursts and emotional meltdowns can severely damage the outcome of your custody case. Even though it is difficult, you should keep calm and avoid losing your cool or having any physical confrontations with your spouse. Even if the arguments become heated and nasty, stay calm and collected at all times as any bad behavior will work against your case.

Put the needs of your children first

The fact is that your children are the collateral damage in the custody battle. It can be easy for you to lose yourself in all the stress and pressure involved in such a case. However, you may damage your chances of getting custody if it appears to the courts that you are putting your personal needs above those of your children. Therefore, make sure that you put the needs of your kids first at all times. For the best child custody representation, consider hiring VandenHeuvel&Dineen.

Never leave your matrimonial home

Even if you are in the ugliest relationships, you should never leave your matrimonial home for whatever reason. When you leave, you will be giving up a big advantage with regards to custody. The court may award your spouse as the real custodial parent and they may find you to be unstable and flighty if you abandon your children. If your spouse is physically abusive, then you should file a case to have them thrown out of your home.

Hire a lawyer

Even though there are situations where you can easily represent yourself in the custody case, always work with a lawyer. Make sure that you get the best lawyer to represent you in the case. Furthermore, you should avoid lying to the lawyer in any way. Make sure that he/she knows all the facts of the case regardless of how ugly they are. You may make the situation worse if you lie to your lawyer.

Child custody battles can be emotionally draining, expensive, and time-consuming. Given the emotional nature of custody battles, mistakes tend to happen and some of them may be irreversible. It is important for you to understand the pitfalls to avoid and the factors that you need to gain an advantage. When you keep the aforementioned factors in mind, you may end up getting full custody of your children after your divorce.


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